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July 13, 2017 | Business

There are a couple of thoughts I would like to share with the residents of Berthoud and Northern Colorado. Being mayor for this past year has been an eye-opening, frustrating, rewarding, challenging and growing experience. It certainly has proven to me you are never too old to learn and always able to grow in some way.

Mayor Steve Mulvihill

Voter apathy is an enigma to me. Not that I have not been guilty in my past at one time or another.  In this past special election 38 percent of eligible voters actually cast a vote. Sixty-two percent of the residents did not vote. They did not even participate, for the cost of one postage stamp. Thank you to the people who did vote in the last election. For those of you who did not bother to vote, what is the real reason? The chance to participate in an election, at the town level, is one of the best and most opportune times you will ever have to have a real say in your future. It really does matter. Allowing a minority of residents to make decisions that affect the town, your kid’s schools and safety, the amenities and condition of the town infrastructure is being ignored. Even crazier is the fact the silent majority is satisfied with turning over major decisions, in some cases to a loud and opinionated small group of people with only their self interest in mind. Whatever you do, please vote in the upcoming April election. Let your voice be heard. Participate by letting your opinion be heard. It does count, people do listen, and your elected officials do care.

Supporting our local merchants and businesses is an area where we can all help in a big way. The money you spend in these businesses helps the town by the sales tax they collect. If you are not aware of what is available here in town, take a walk around and stop in to say hello. There is a great new directory that is available through the chamber of commerce or from many local businesses, town hall and library. The Weekly Surveyor has great articles about the town and the businesses we have locally. Pick up a copy and learn more about our town and the residents.

Have you stopped in to Jo to Go or DaBean for your latte or coffee to go? Have you taken your grocery list to Hays to see what you can find there that is on your list. Have you had a BLT at New Freedom Café? Have you had an Italian sub at Brick Oven? Have you tried the ice cream at Cone Head Ice Cream? Have you had the walleye fish fry at Grandpas on a Friday? Have you taken a stroll through the drug store or the many shops we have in town? Do you drive out of town for an oil change or a tune up? Have you tried the candy at the candy store? Have you visited one of the Berthoud churches? I cannot name every business in town. Nor is there time to list everyone. I know I have left out many great businesses in town. We have breweries, we have bakeries, we have restaurants, we have auto repair shops, lawn service, contractors, etc. etc. We all like living in a small town. We cannot take everything we can from Berthoud and not give something back. Keep the town healthy and support our local businesses. Just give one new business a week a try. I apologize to all the great businesses I did not mention here. All of you are very special and deserve our support. Thank you for supporting the residents. We will do our best to support you.

Once again the anti-growth people are starting to post comments and false statements. In the weeks ahead I will try to share some of the challenges ahead as well as some of the things the town has done right. There can be two diverse opinions on any subject; in many cases there is no wrong answer. There is simply an answer that is best for the majority of the residents in the town. Berthoud is growing and it is not going to stop. This is the best place to live in Northern Colorado and many people know it. You cannot blame them for wanting to move here. We need to be welcoming and understanding of the new residents. We were all new to Berthoud at one time. Be kind, be accepting, be polite, be generous, be helpful, be Berthoud.


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