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A new photographer ruffles feathers in Berthoud, Meghan Younker Photography

By: Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer | The Surveyor | February 19, 2021 | Business

She isn’t just ruffling feathers, Meghan Younker is messing up bed sheets and fluffing the boas too. Younker’s photography studio specializes in boudoir photography and is in the former Masonic Lodge above Mr. Thrift on Fourth Street.

Photo by Amber McIver-Traywick – Meghan Younker sits on the blue velvet couch at her studio in Berthoud.

With a dream and a can of paint, Younker is transforming the second floor of this historic Berthoud building into a photography studio and home for her and her two boys. A Loveland native, Younker took photography at Thompson High School and has been honing her skills ever since.

“It’s been a lifelong dream to get to where I am at right now,” said Younker, sitting, feet curled beneath her on a blue velvet couch in her spacious photography studio. “I always wanted this, but I was scared to fail. Now, here I am.”

Multiple vignettes have been set up around the room and light floods across a bedroom display complete with a luxurious bed and nightstands. Another scene is that of a fireplace filled with burning candles, and yet another evokes the feeling of floating on a cloud (although it is only puffy fabric).

While some photographers shoot sunsets or wildlife, a people-person like Younker prefers taking photos of human beings. She enjoys social interaction and is a natural conversationalist. Her abundant people-skills come in hand for shooting boudoir.

Having a kinship with the glamor shots of the 1990s, boudoir photography walks the line between provocative and glamorous. It is seductive but also leaves room to the imagination. It is about empowerment, not exploitation.

Ten years ago, as a part-time photographer, Younker was asked to take boudoir shots for a bride. Younker was shooting the wedding and agreed to add this to her package. She loved it but didn’t realize boudoir was a genre of photography that the public was seeking.

“I know a lot of people view it from the outside as ‘sexy photos,’ and it is that,” said Younker. “But being able to see yourself as beautiful, allows you to love yourself in a different way. No matter how you do look according to society you are beautiful, and I like to bring that out.”

Somewhat surprisingly, most of Younker’s clients are having boudoir photos taken for themselves and not a spouse or partner.

“I think the word has gotten out that you can get something really rewarding out of one of these sessions,” said Younker.

Younker often builds a relationship akin to friendship with her clients and it is not uncommon for her to get text messages from them in the lead up to their session.

“They ask what to wear, show me an outfit, or something,” laughed Younker.

When a session is over, Younker says clients walk a little straighter and their heads are held high. There is a special power in looking good and making women look and feel gorgeous. It is not only the clients who get something out of sessions, Younker is incredibly rewarded by her job.

“It has made me into a stronger female, a stronger woman and better mother,” said Younker.

Meghan Younker Photography offers on-site hair and makeup services to every client. The studio is located at 546 Fourth Street and Meghan Younker can be reached at (970) 571-9055.


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