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POLICEFILES – September 16, 2021

September 16, 2021 | Local News

Monday, September 6

Unattended Death: North County Road 31, Male was bitten by a rattlesnake after attempting to kill it after it bit his dog.  The male entered the front door, told his wife that he had been bitten then collapsed, becoming unresponsive, and stopped breathing. The male’s wife immediately started CPR until a deputy, who was the first on scene, took over until paramedics arrived. The male was pronounced deceased on scene.

Harassment / Domestic Violence:  Southeast Fourth Street – A female slapped her husband repeatedly across his face leaving a red mark. She was subsequently booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Second-Degree Assault:  Welch Avenue – A male was assaulted at a local Berthoud bar and was given a ride to the hospital by a friend to receive stitches. It was later determined that the male had fractured a piece of cartilage in his airway which caused his airway to close. Before law enforcement arrived, the male was being intubated and could not provide a statement. The follow-up is to be conducted for witness statements and video of the incident.

Robbery:  Mountain Avenue – A male went to 7-Eleven to buy beer and when he was refused service due to it being after the allotted time to sell beer, the male made threats to staff and walked out with the case of beer without paying. The male was located a short time later and taken into custody without incident.

Tuesday, September 7

Violation of a Protection Order: Douglas Place, a man texted and called another in violation of a protection order. The man is currently living in Colorado Springs. Warrant to follow.

Wednesday, September 8

Suspicious Circumstances: Franklin Avenue – A female reported to County Human Services that her care was being neglected at the care and rehab facility.

Forgery/Mail Theft: Pyramid Peak Street – A resident reported a check being cashed for $2,575.96 that she did not authorize. The check was found to be forged and stolen from the mail.

Recovered Stolen Plates: East Highway 56 – Loveland PD recovered the license plates from a stolen vehicle case from Berthoud. The suspect appears to be stealing and swapping plates that are similar to the stolen vehicle which is a 2018 Ram 2500.

Criminal Mischief: East Iowa Avenue – Unknown suspect shot the windows of a vehicle. Damage involved two windows.

Thursday, September 9

Vehicle Theft: Barela Drive, a male resident had his 2021 red Honda CRV stolen from inside his open garage by three subjects around 03:45.  Keys were left inside the vehicle.

Friday, September 10

Possible Sex Offense:  Second Street  – Female reported a possible sexual assault with a suspect that occurred a month ago. Investigations notified.

Saturday, September 11

Assault:  North County Road 19 – Female was involved in a disturbance with her husband and her brother-in-law where she woke up on the ground with an injury to the back of her head. Parties had been drinking and she is unsure of how she ended up on the ground injured.  Investigation is ongoing.

Criminal Mischief: West County Road 14 – Two mirrors stolen off a resident’s vehicle.

Harassment/Domestic Violence: Westport Avenue – A female got into an argument with her husband over the covid vaccine. She punched him several times in the face and followed him around the house yelling at him. Booked.

Domestic Violence/Revenge Porn:  Rubinette Lane – Male distributed videos of a female performing sexual acts to a group chat.  Further follow-up is pending.

Warrant Arrest: Rubinette Lane – Female was contacted with a misdemeanor warrant and booked.

Assist to Medical/Overdose: Grand Market Avenue – Male was found unconscious and not breathing.  He was revived after CPR and Narcan were administered by EMS.  He was transported to the hospital in stable condition.  Drug paraphernalia on scene and fentanyl pills were located in the male’s wallet.

Sunday, September 12

Burglary: Danzante Bay Court –  A home under construction was burglarized but the only thing taken was spray paint. Occurred at 3 a.m. and the suspect vehicle is a white Chevy Express work van and a silver or light gray Jeep Gladiator. Scene processed by evidence tech.

DUI/Careless Driving/Warrant: South U.S. Highway 287- Male driver was driving his Jeep northbound on U.S. Highway 287 just south of Highway 56 when he lost control and rolled into a ditch. He admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages prior to driving and indicia of marijuana concentrate was found at the crash scene. His wife arrived on the scene and was arrested on an outstanding warrant.



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