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August 09, 2019 | Local News

Monday, July 29

Scam: Third Street, a resident was contacted by someone claiming to be Xcel Energy. He gave $298.96 in a green dot card to the suspect. If anyone asks you to send money using any type of card over the phone it is a scam.

Suspicious circumstances: Ivy Stockwell, a resident reported two teenagers on the playground “smoking weed.” Ended up two kids were on the playground eating chicken wings. Weed – wings – it’s a fine line, they both start with “W.”

Tuesday, July 30

Vehicle crash /injury: Weld County Road (CR) 44 / WCR 11, deputies responded to this area for a report of a crash by Weld County and Colorado State Patrol . Deputies took the crash even though there were some jurisdiction disagreements. A driver fell asleep at the wheel and went off the road. He suffered a broken pelvis and dislocated/fractured hip.

DUI-drugs / vehicle crash-property damage / driving under restraint / criminal mischief / possession of schedule III controlled substance / harassment: Chokeberry Street, an adult son got into a physical fight with his father after the son hit the neighbor’s fences with a vehicle and then struck two parked vehicles in the driveway. Refused chemical testing; 47 pills of steroids found in the vehicle as well as drug paraphernalia. Booked uncooperative after he attempted to slip handcuffs and started to bang his head on the vehicle partition. 

Wednesday, July 31

Trespass: Berthoud Parkway, a demolition team arrived at this location to demolish a house and outbuildings. They checked the house out first and found someone living in it. The man called a friend and was out before the next day.

Suspicious circumstances: Kansas Avenue, a resident reported there was damage to their vehicle’s front bumper, license plate ripped off, and a flat tire. Upon close examination the damage done to the bumper had teeth marks and very large fang holes. The tire was also bit and dents above the flat tire on the fender. It appears we had a very angry bear in the neighborhood who took a dislike to this vehicle. If it’s not a bear then we have a Werewolf, Sasquatch, or a mean raccoon sporting a leather jacket and slicked back hair.

Thursday, Aug. 1

Animal problem: Love’s Travel Stop, a bear was sighted in this area.  He must not have found a picnic basket and left the area. Maybe they ran out of bumpers.

Scam: Fourteenth Street, a resident got an email telling her they have her passwords. She did not respond to the email which was the right thing to do. They did send one of her passwords.  Resident was instructed to change all her passwords. Try my password, “Open up you stupid electronic piece of #[email protected]*.” You didn’t think I was going to give out my whole password, did you?

Friday, Aug. 2

Suspicious circumstance: Franklin Avenue, two residents were involved in an altercation with each other. They were yelling back and forth and one of the men kicked toward the other man’s wheelchair. The dreaded wheelchair kicker, at least it wasn’t the walker tripper.

Commercial carrier failed to comply with Dept. of Public Safety rules and regulations governing safety standards and specifications / drove a defective or unsafe vehicle / failed to use emergency reflective triangles as required: 3800 E. Highway 56, a semi-truck driver was making a turn into Love’s Travel Center and the hitch on his trailer broke off on the fifth wheel causing the flatbed trailer with a 46,000-pound load to slam into the cab of the truck.  A level II safety inspection was conducted and placed both the truck and trailer out of service due to multiple safety violations. 

Missing child: Deputies were called on a missing child connected to a person who passed away. Information received suggested this man had the child with him sometime prior to his death and no one seemed to know where the child was currently. Through computer searches and reaching out to the mother of the child currently incarcerated at Jefferson County Jail, an address in Johnstown was located. Contact was made with a man at the address above. Deputies learned from him, yesterday Weld Child Protection Services contacted him and placed the child for his safety. The child was contacted in Johnstown and found to be safe and healthy. 

Saturday, Aug. 3

Detox hold / trespass: First Street and Welch Avenue, BNSF railway called stating a man was laying right next to the tracks and the train ran over him while he was laying there. He was uninjured and jumped up and ran away. He was contacted just a few blocks away, extremely intoxicated. He claimed it was not a suicide attempt and didn’t realize his choice of place to pass out was the railroad tracks. BNSF police were on scene and cited him for trespass. He was transported to the hospital for a detox hold. Place to pass out on the RR tracks –  How about not get so drunk to pass out.

Assist medical: Second Street, a resident called 9-1-1 and said she was sick, then passed out while on the phone. Upon arrival she was extremely intoxicated and said she took a handful of pain pills that belong to her boyfriend. Boyfriend is a truck driver and not home. She was transported to the hospital on a detox hold. 

Alcohol contact / warrant: Mountain Avenue, a man reported a very intoxicated female at Fickle Park. She fell off the park bench and hit her head. She was uncooperative and was transported to the hospital, then jail. 

Sunday, Aug. 4

Family problems: Second Street, a woman had a custody issue with her ex-husband yesterday. She talked to Johnstown PD about it. She thinks her ex was following her and may harm her or their child. She asked about restraining orders. The woman gives vague concerns about the safety of her son. She has already called for welfare checks from Johnstown PD and mentioned speaking to multiple “cops and deputies” and being told the same thing – the child is safe, take it up with the courts.

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