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Larimer Humane Society: PETS OF THE WEEK

June 29, 2017 | Local News

Say hello to our Pets of the Week! Today we are introducing Ida, a 10-year-old Boxer mix with a gentle spirit, Jessy, a sweet Calico, and Clarhissa, a Ball Python with a beautiful and unique pattern!

Ida a Boxer-mix at the Larimer Humane Society

Ida is a gentle Boxer mix who came in as a stray. Her owners could not be located, and so she is searching for a new human to take her in!

She is about ten years old. Ida is gentle and loving, and true to the Boxer nature, she certainly likes to play! Due to being a bit shy, Ida may do best in a quiet home. She will most likely warm up to her new family quickly once she is home. Be prepared to handle the signature Boxer wiggle butt, a behavior that most Boxers or Boxer mixes exhibit — because they have docked tails, they wiggle their whole entire body when excited instead of tail wagging! Gentle Ida’s adoption fee is $100 and she is waiting to say hello to you!

This beautiful calico is seventeen year old Jessy, who was surrendered due to her family moving. She is a little bit shy, but warms up easily.

17-year-old Jessy surrendered by her family who moved.

Jessy gets along well with other cats and dogs alike, and may enjoy having other animal companion as friends! She is also very affectionate towards humans, and likes to be carried on someone’s shoulders and sleep near her people. However, Jessy does have some sensitivity with sudden movements toward her face, possibly due to vision loss, and would do best in a home without young children. Slowly approaching her is the best way to begin to pet Jessy! This sweet girl is available for $25; come see her at the shelter today!

Clarehissa, a 2-year-old Ball Python, a great snake for first-time owners.

Completing this week’s list is Clarehissa, a two year old Ball Python who came to our shelter when her owner passed away. A Python may seem like an odd pet, but they are actually one of the best snake breeds for beginner owners! This is due to their smaller size, docile nature, and unique patterns. Ball Pythons are non-venomous and rarely bite, opting to curl into a ball when threatened more often than not! These snakes like to hide and can be rather shy, so allowing them to get used to who you are and your presence is key to having a comfortable snake who will allow you to handle it. Come meet Clarehissa today! She is waiting for you at the shelter, and she is $35.


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