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Packed agenda for town board, zoning and drilling requests

July 13, 2017 | Local News

Rudy Hemmann

Berthoud Surveyor

The Berthoud town board spent the better part of four hours working through a packed agenda on Tuesday evening.

Extraction Oil and Gas brought forth a request for approval for a use by special review for 10 new directional wells. The tract on which the wells would be set is located south of Highway 56 and east of Weld County Road (WCR) 7. Four existing wells are currently on the tract. The wells will be operating at a depth of 7,500 to 7,600-feet. A road of approximately 15-feet wide and 1,000-feet long gives access to the site from WCR 7.

Extraction Oil and Gas representatives stated they would use berms and vegetation to mitigate noises from the drilling operation. Once the drilling operations are completed the hope, as expressed by the Extraction representative, that the site will have access to electricity so the pumping operations can be accomplished using electric motors. This would greatly reduce noise coming from the wells at the site.

Two rural residents spoke during the public comment portion of this item. One resident, Duane Bentley, whose property is negatively impacted by Synergy Resources Corporation drilling operation, stated that Synergy had commenced drilling operations without giving notice. He also had complaints concerning noise pollution, light pollution and dust emanating from the drill site.

He did remark that so far the people from Extraction had been much better to deal with.

Kevin McCarty also had comments for the board and Extraction regarding watering of newly planted trees in a landscape plan and drainage issues in the area.

A motion approving the use by special review for Extraction Oil and Gas, with requirements for light and noise mitigation and a permanent source of water for landscape plantings be made available was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

The trustees gave the green light to three local development projects. Craig Wrigley, acting as agent for Sunriver Development Corporation, LLC requested final plat approval for a mixed use project which is to include six residential lots and one commercial lot. The property is located in the Gateway development across Lake Avenue to the north of the Adams Bank building.

A motion approving the Gateway final plat was made, seconded and unanimously approved.

The Birdsall Group, acting as the agent for Capital Partners requested approval of a Final Development Plan (FDP) and Final Plats (FP) for filing 2, filing 3, filing 4 and filing 5 of the heritage Ridge project. The total acreage of the four filings comes to approximately 118 acres on which 194 single-family homes are to be constructed. The location of the tract is south of Spartan Avenue and east of Fifth St.

A motion to approve the Heritage Ridge FDP and FP for filing 2, filing 3, filing 4 and filing 5 was made, seconded and unanimously approved.

The Birdsall Group, agent for Heron Lakes Investments, LLC requested a rezone for a tract, which is referred to by the developer as Tract E, from R-1 (Single-Family) to R-4 (Mixed-Use).

The request was made to allow more flexibility in the type of housing that could be placed there and to allow some commercial on the tract. Tract E is approximately 18.8 acres.

A motion approving the zoning change from R-1 (Single Family) to R-4 (Mixed Use) was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

Each of the three development requests was approved following a public hearing, However, only one citizen rose to speak at the Heron Lakes proposal, and gained valuable information. No residents spoke at either of the other proposals.

The trustees affirmed the decision of the Berthoud Library Board to appoint Natalie Vogt to the library board for a term ending December 31, 2019.

Updates to the town’s purchasing policies was tabled and staff was directed to gather information from surrounding communities regarding their purchasing policies.

Cindy Leach gave a brief report regarding the budget process that will be implemented this year. She gave suggestions concerning how the trustees could request more budgetary information on topics of interest to them.

A report regarding the vacant town clerk position and the process staff intended to use to fill the position. Following discussion by the trustees, staff was given direction to proceed with the process to fill the vacancy.

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