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Town seeks input on recreation at Berthoud Reservoir and trail system

March 30, 2018 | Local News

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The Town of Berthoud is hosting an open house on Wednesday, April 4, from 5 – 6:30 p.m. to gather community input and share information about potential recreational activities at Berthoud Reservoir and the town’s integrated trail system. Residents are encouraged to stop by the event at their convenience and help develop the vision of future pathways and connections around town.

The event will focus on discussing and gathering feedback related to:

  • Recreation, amenities and public access at Berthoud Reservoir.
  • Trail locations, types, and connections in Berthoud and surrounding regional areas.

The event is an opportunity for the community to weigh in on these two items. Two independent but connected master plan initiatives are underway to create a comprehensive approach to each topic.

Berthoud Reservoir Master Plan

The plan will include development of recreational programming for the reservoir for public use by evaluating the potential elements desired by community input. Recreational elements may include trails, parking, shelters and restrooms. The end result will incorporate community input with staff to outline a preferred plan, phasing recommendations, and an estimate of construction cost with completion schedules.

Comprehensive Trails Plan

The planning process begins with an analysis of the existing and potential trail connectivity across the town, highlighting opportunities and constraints. The end product includes:

  • Guidelines for trail standards, characteristics of trail users, and an outline trail categories
  • Implementation matrix of trail project priorities
  • Trail construction estimated costs
  • Recommended trail maintenance plan and responsibilities

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