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Bell Ringers needed in Berthoud this holiday season

November 21, 2018 | Local News

By Amber McIver-Traywick

The Surveyor

If you happen to have a few hours to spare this holiday season and would like to be a part of a time honored tradition that helps, among other things, feed the hungry, house the homeless and helps people escape the cycle of addiction look no further. The Berthoud Salvation Army needs your help to accomplish these worthy goals by volunteering now until December 24th.

You don’t have to have hours to devote to  help the cause, the minimum time slot is only two hours but you are free to serve for as many hours as you or a group or organization you are involved in would like to commit to. In a statement from The Salvation Army it was explained that on average, in just two hours of bell ringing enough donations can be generated to prevent a family of four from going hungry for a month and in four hours the money collected could keep a family in their home for a month.

Right now there is an immediate need in our community as Olga Duval the Loveland Service Center Coordinator for The Salvation Army said, “We especially need local community volunteers to ring bells at Hays Market in Berthoud.”

People of all ages can ring bells as long as anyone under the age of 16 is also accompanied by an adult. It’s a great family activity that helps give back to the community. An informational video through the salvation army also suggests singing, caroling, playing an instrument (if the location where you are bell-ringing deems this is okay) or even dancing while you are volunteering if you are so inclined to spread holiday cheer in that manner.

Various locations and shifts are available online at or by emailing [email protected] or by calling The Salvation Army office 970-699-8380.

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