Monday, July 31       

Missing child: Mount Massive, a 13-year-old girl snuck out of the house and dad is out looking for her. An hour later the girl returned home. Deputy left quickly before dad got home.

Vehicle crash with injuries: Highway 56 and N.E. Frontage Road, a Firestone woman failed to yield to another vehicle at this intersection and struck his vehicle. The collision damaged both vehicles and she was transported to the hospital for her injuries.

Tuesday, Aug. 1

Shoplifting: Mountain Avenue, a 12-year-old was caught shoplifting. Owner and parents are going to work something out.

911 hang-up: S. Eighth Street, kids had a cell phone mom thought could not make calls. Oh nay nay, even without a service plan, as long as the cell phone can turn on it can call 911.

Theft: Cooperland Blvd., a resident reported someone stole his flatbed trailer.

Wednesday, Aug. 2

Burglary / trespass / criminal mischief / theft: Mountain Avenue, an unknown suspect climbed the fence and forced entry through the door of the rear storeroom.

Suspicious circumstances: Third Street and Turner Avenue, a resident was walking her dog when she saw a white vehicle parked, and a man went into the back yard of a home and came out with two bicycles.

Burglary: Town pool, during the night someone broke into the pool building, causing damage inside.

Found property: Second Street, found black wallet was located and turned in by a resident.  Attempts to find the owner were unsuccessful.

Welfare check: Fourth  Street, checked on a resident who missed an appointment today and they have not heard from him. Resident was OK, just not feeling well and forgot to call.

Thursday, Aug. 3

Disturbance: S. Second Street, a man and woman were in a very loud argument outside of their home. The woman tried to get into a vehicle but the man kept yelling at her to get out.

Scam: Welch Avenue, a father came and reported his daughter received a call from a company out of Texas telling her she defaulted on her $700 loan and she would need to send them $1500 or they would issue a warrant. The father came into Guaranty Bank and requested $1500 out of his account in which the bank employees thought this was hokey so they had him contact law enforcement. No money was lost.

Suspicious circumstances: Mountain Avenue, two dead cats were found in front of the door. Cat owners believe someone is taking cats and killing them. Later that day the person reporting the cats had surveillance cameras that clearly show the two cats walking out into the street and getting hit by a car.

Friday, Aug. 4

Disturbance: Franklin Avenue, a resident was in medical distress and not on his medications. He made movements toward a nurse in a threatening manner, knocked a TV over, and held the staff at bay with a butter knife. After staff administered his medications he stabilized quickly.

Vehicle crash: Highway 287 west of County Road (CR) 17, a Longmont man was travelling on Highway 287 eastbound approaching CR 17 on wet roads during a rain storm. The rear tires on his mustang had no tread. The driver spun out of control and went onto the right shoulder. The car hit a Colorado Adopt a Highway sign, causing damage to the vehicle and sign. The slogan “Don’t Tread on Me” does not pertain to your tires.

Saturday, Aug. 5

Habitual traffic offender (HTO) / uninsured vehicle / no number plates: Welch Avenue, a 30-year-old Dacono man was contacted for driving a vehicle with no visible registration. The driver was revoked HTO with 16 active restraints and the vehicle was uninsured.

Harassment: Seventh Street, one kid sent another kid a text message stating he was going to shoot him when he gets older.

Lost property: Seventh Street, a resident lost her debit card at the Berthoud park.

Sunday, Aug. 6

Missing adult: Franklin Avenue, a 55-year-old man was reported missing from the Berthoud Living Center. He has a pic line in his arm and the staff was concerned for him.

Assist to medical: Franklin Avenue, a 69-year-old man was found to have a warrant. He was not arrested due to medical concerns (wheel-chair bound, head injury). Berthoud deputy will attempt to check for family who can help him take care of his warrant so it can be handled in a less intrusive manner.

Code enforcement:

Animal problems – 12

Parking problems – 7

Other ordinance problems – 18

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