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Letter to the Editor: Response to the mayor

August 03, 2017 | Local News

This is in response to an article written by the mayor on mosquitoes and WNV.

He indicates the “mosquito policy was followed by the staff to the letter.” Upon reviewing section 4, listed under Emergency Adult Mosquito Control Policy Statement, it’s important to list the inaccuracies of this statement.

The Berthoud mosquito policy indicates the “spraying is to commence at 10 p.m.”  Spraying started at 9:30 p.m. as indicated by citizens in the downtown area of Berthoud.  Citizens called one another to let each other know spraying had started early so they could minimize their exposure.

The Mosquito Spraying Communications Plan indicates “People can minimize exposure to the chemicals by staying indoors and keeping windows and doors closed for 30-60 minutes after the spray occurs.” Unfortunately, as a result of this policy not being adhered to, some people and pets were exposed to chemicals and the policy was not followed as promised.

Also the mosquito policy indicates “Upon notice of a Vector Index of .5 or higher, as an average of the town trap network, adult control measures will be implemented town-wide on two consecutive evenings.” It is important to note that a ~ .87 VI was indicated on July 18 with an intent to spray on July 24 and 25. However, VI numbers fell below .5 as indicated by July 24, and the issue self-corrected. The town chose to spray, going against their own policy of not spraying when the VI falls below .5.

Finally, this article mentions the dissemination of incorrect information that is being communicated to the citizens of Berthoud. I couldn’t agree more. Since this policy has not been followed accurately, let’s open it up so both sides of this issue can come to a supportive agreement for all.

Stephanie Cooper


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