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Proposed 2020 budget to be approved by town board Dec. 10

By Rudy Hemmann The Surveyor This report is a follow-up to the Berthoud Board of Trustees report of the board meeting held on November 19, 2019. As noted in the… Read more »

Mountain Avenue Corridor Overlay Plan approved by Planning Commission

By Rudy Hemmann The Surveyor The Berthoud Planning Commission held a regularly scheduled meeting on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019, to conduct a public hearing concerning the Mountain… Read more »

Ordinance 1265: Final monetary contributions from the Sept. 10 election

Surveyor Staff The Surveyor requested information from the Town of Berthoud, in a Colorado Open Records Act request, regarding the final expenses of the Sept. 10 election for ordinance 1265… Read more »

Town board hears plea to help prevent youth suicide

By Dan Karpiel The Surveyor The Berthoud Board of Trustees held their regularly scheduled meeting at town hall on Tuesday evening and a diverse set of issues came before the… Read more »

Event honoring former mayor, Richard Strachan, planned for Sept. 28

By Dan Karpiel The Surveyor The last few years have been a rancorous time in the town of Berthoud. Debates over various aspects of growth and development in the town… Read more »

Campaign contributions to Ordinance No. 1265 obtained through FOIA request

By Amber McIver-Traywick The Surveyor The Sept. 10 deadline for residents of Berthoud to submit their mail-in ballots on ordinance no. 1265 is fast approaching. Residents of Berthoud have received… Read more »

Vote on 1265

On Sept. 10 residents of Berthoud will be asked to vote through mail-in ballot on ordinance no. 1265. Ballots should have been received in the mail. The following is a… Read more »

Dog park on the horizon for Berthoud

By Rudy Hemmann The Surveyor According to Town Administrator Chris Kirk and Jeremy Olinger, director of Parks and Recreation, town staff has identified a parcel, which is approximately one acre… Read more »

Metro district under scrutiny by town board

By Rudy Hemmann The Surveyor The Berthoud Board of Trustees held a regular business meeting Tuesday evening and addressed three agenda items. Public Works Director Stephanie Brothers brought the item… Read more »

More information and action from July 23 town board meeting

By Rudy Hemman The Surveyor Last week’s report in the pages of the Surveyor concerning the activities of the town board was focused on the financing options of Waggener Farm… Read more »