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BHS Class of 2020

July 26, 2020 | Education
Photo courtesy of Thompson School District

In a year of upheaval Thompson School District managed to pull off a traditional graduation ceremony for area high schools. Berthoud seniors graduated on Thursday, July 16, at Ray Patterson Field in Loveland. There were 182 graduating seniors. Students word masks and social distanced from each other during the ceremony. Each student was allowed to invite two guests.

Berthoud science teacher, Scott Kindt, was chosen by the students to speak at the ceremony. Co-valedictorians Kyle Pinto and Jacob Isley also spoke to the graduates.

The ceremony was interrupted for 30 minutes by a passing storm. For the Berthoud class of 2020 the last half of their senior years has seemed full of storms. Valedictorian Kyle Pinto, in his May 28 message to Surveyor readers said, “This pandemic will pass, we will go back to our lives as they once were, even though some people may have lost someone irreplaceable. It is in their memory especially that we must continue to live our lives. Most of us have reached the age of adulthood already. And by graduating from high school, we officially make our transition into the real world. It is our turn to shape the world the way we see fit, but we can only do it together.“

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