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October 26, 2018 | Local News

To the editor:

Sean Daugherty gets my endorsement for Larimer County Commissioner because of his superior qualifications and experience. His opponent is a friend and a fine state legislator who should complete his Senate term.

Sean has provided strong leadership on the planning commission in his several hundred-member realty association, and the community, and was selected to fill the vacancy brought on by Lew Gaiter’s untimely death.

Also, please vote for well-thought-out, promoted and needed detox, mental health, and behavioral health facility, Proposition 1A.

Ft. Collins representation to the legislature could be dramatically improved by voting for Donna Walter for HD 52.

Alexis Smith, Steve Miller’s excellent deputy assessor, rendering superior service for many years in that office, is also deserving of your vote as are incumbent treasurer Irene Josey and incumbent clerk and recorder Angela Meyers.

It is critical to pass amendments Y and Z to dramatically improve the once every 10 years congressional and legislative redistricting.

Please also vote against Prop. 112, the job killer, and vote for Peter Yu for Congressional District 2.

Generally, vote for Biblically Correct Judeo-Christion Value Based Constitutionally Conservative Populist candidates and issues from local down to national.

Mel Hilgenberg

Fort Collins

To the editor:

As the former city clerk in Loveland for over 11 years, I have worked with Angela from the date of her initial appointment. Angela cares about all of the citizens in her county. I have found her to be honest, open and forthright with everyone she encounters. The most amazing quality I found in Angela Myers as a politician is her ability to treat electors from every party equally. She does not play favorites and she gets the job done. That is not the “normal” action of every politician. I urge every voter in Larimer County to retain Angela Myers as your county clerk and recorder.

Terry Andrews

Neosho, Mo.

To the editor:

I fully support Sean Dougherty as our next Larimer County Commissioner. My personal experience with Sean, for well over a decade, is in real estate and while he served on the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce and Board of Realtors Government Affairs committees. Serving myself on the NOCO Home Builders Association and the Colorado Mortgage Professionals boards, I have worked together with Mr. Dougherty supporting small business and consumer issues locally, at the state and national levels. As a local loan originator, I have had experience working with Sean closing loans for his customers to buy residential properties and have also dealt with him representing sellers on my customers’ purchases. Sean is and always has been honest, professional, respectful, and especially courteous to all involved in our transactions. He demonstrates a high level of compassion and genuine desire for his customers to receive the greatest levels of success and achieve their goals. Sean has been committed to earning this position with eight years on the Larimer County Planning and Zoning Commission, and he has extensive land use and County Master Plan experience. It is the level of experience and commitment to the people of Larimer County, combined with his ability to see all sides of an issue that makes me proud to support him in this next step in his career of service. Sean is the best man for the job, and I hope you will join me in voting for Sean Dougherty.

Douglas L Braden

Ft. Collins

To the editor:

Please vote. I am writing to encourage you to vote for Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner. I have known Sean for some time and know how hard he works and how dedicated he is to what he sets out to accomplish. Sean is well qualified to be a commissioner in that he has spent eight years on the Larimer County Planning Commission. Sean has a great vision for the county which comes from his many years of association with the real estate industry in the Fort Collins area, including nine years as a member of the Fort Collins Board of Realtors Government Affairs Committee. Sean also has taken time to volunteer for several worthy causes, which include: Realities for Children Charities, the Boy Scouts, and Neighbor to Neighbor Charities. Sean has told me about his vision for the county in that he will work with county officials for effective budgeting and the wise use of tax dollars. He will protect property rights and facilitate wise management of county growth. Sean and his family have lived in Larimer County for nearly 20 years, and as a realtor knows the various challenges the county faces. Again I urge you to vote for this knowledgeable hard working man.

John Byrd


To the editor:

John Kefalas is a proven leader who would bring new perspective and energy to the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners. I have known John for over 25 years and have observed his many accomplishments during his 12 years with the Colorado State Legislature, first as a State Representative and then as a State Senator. Senator Kefalas was honored by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative as their Legislator of the Year. Adela Flores-Brennan, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative’s executive director, said in a statement, “Colorado health-care consumers have an amazing champion in Sen. Kefalas.” John was also recognized by the Colorado Nonprofit Association as Legislator of the Year for his many efforts benefitting nonprofit organizations and their clients statewide. These are just two of numerous awards John has received during his 12 years. He has successfully impacted these issue areas: affordable housing, child health and welfare, telehealth, business startup, Earned Income Tax Credit, poverty reduction, child support, government transparency, balanced budgeting, flood recovery, development disability, and more. Additional priorities include education, jobs, the environment, sustaining land for agriculture, and multi-modal transportation.

John works well with those on both sides of the aisle at the State Legislature and regularly holds local community forums on many topics, informing citizens and seeking input. John would bring so much to the role of county commissioner. Please choose John Kefalas as you complete your mail-in ballot that will arrive at your home the week of Oct. 15. It is also possible to register to vote right up to Election Day, and vote at any polling place in Larimer County. All registered voters can vote for John regardless of where you live in Larimer County.

Mary Carraher


To the editor:

We’ve observed over the past several years increasing trends sweeping across the United States, alarmingly so in the state of Colorado, requiring greater access to mental-health resources. We have increased rates of suicide, associated instances of substance abuse and domestic violence, all of which are linked to the underfunding of tools necessary to address affordability for community mental health care. 1A is a measure delivering an important opportunity to make a positive difference within Larimer County.

Support for a new mental-health-care facility will help lay groundwork providing tools and viability to address mental-health care for our most vulnerable populations across Larimer county. Management of the new facility and associated contracted services are proposed to be carried out by Larimer County. Central of this primary goal was to augment focus of community-based services by providing access to care for both rural and urban populations, with the hopes of reducing suicides, recidivism, substance abuse – bridging services for those at a disadvantage, whether that disadvantage be locale or economic.

Supporting 1A stands to reason that a new mental healthcare facility covering Larimer County will ultimately reduce costs associated with healthcare delivery, leading to decline of those in crisis, alleviating strain with overburdened resources, while centralizing community efforts brought into harder-to-reach areas of the population. A new long-term treatment facility coupled with community involvement presented in 1A is a great opportunity to advance initiatives behind why mental health matters in Larimer County. For more information please visit:

Thank you for taking the time to consider voting yes on 1A.

Christopher Dickson

Fort Collins

To the editor:

Choose experience over politics. Vote for Myers, Josey and Smith. 

I encourage all voters to join me in supporting Angela Myers for clerk, Irene Josey for treasurer, and Alexis Smith for assessor. As your county commissioner, I have the unique opportunity to work professionally with these three ladies and the offices they oversee. Based on my interactions with other county commissioners, I know the high level of service provided by these leaders is the envy of many of my colleagues across Colorado. 

These offices are administrative, rather than political, in nature and provide those day-to-day services on which we all depend. Having inexperienced or politically motivated individuals running these offices would result in a decrease in the quality level of service county residents expect and deserve.

Here in Larimer County we are fortunate to have leaders with decades of experience to oversee these key functions of our government. Please cast your votes for the experienced, qualified team…Angela Myers for clerk, Irene Josey for treasurer, and Alexis Smith for assessor. 

Tom Donnelly, commissioner


To the editor:

Why isn’t Alexis Smith promising to cut protests in half? Because she is thinking like an assessor, not a politician. Alexis knows the protest period was set up by the State of Colorado to streamline a process for property-owner objections. Alexis was instrumental in creating the online protest system to allow more people to protest and review not just three or four sales, but all the sales in the area.

Alexis has encouraged people to protest. Why? Because if corrections need to be made, the month of May is the best time to make them. Those corrections help to ensure the tax rolls the office certifies are as accurate as possible. She recognizes a homeowner is the best source of information.

Owners don’t protest because they believe their valuation is inaccurate; they protest because they believe it is too high. A robust but streamlined protest process protects taxpayers from overvaluation, while ensuring the county collects the taxes it is due based on market valuations, which have risen considerably the past few years.

Over the years not every property value protested was changed – many did not need to be, but the taxpayers with questions have a right to be heard. Protect your rights as property owners – vote for Alexis Smith for assessor.

Scott Engles

Fort Collins

To the editor:

Mental health matters in Larimer County. I am a CSU student, Fort Collins native, and life-long Choice City resident who is ashamed my community voted down an imperative mental-health initiative in the 2016 ballot election. Regardless of political affiliation, age, race, gender, socioeconomic class, or employment status, no one is immune to mental illness. No one.

Ballot Issue 1A has far-reaching effects that will serve to not only improve mental health in Larimer County, but will ultimately lower costs of emergency services, law enforcement, jails, and health providers, creating long-term benefits for all citizens — even those who do not foresee themselves utilizing the facility.

Since 2009 suicide rates in Larimer County have doubled, and we are ranked among the highest suicide rates in the entire nation. In the two years since 1A was voted down there have been over 160 suicides in Larimer County alone — and over 650 since 2008. That is 650 individual lives that could have been saved had our community had access to adequate mental-health resources, as 1A seeks to provide. Our community is clearly not immune to this growing mental illness epidemic, and there is no shame in admitting we need more help to address it.

Larimer County, it is our moral obligation to ensure we do not make the same mistake we did in 2016. Vote yes on 1A.

Kaitlyn Ewan

Fort Collins

To the editor:

I have known Sean Dougherty for seven years, as we’ve served together on the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Local Legislative Affairs Committee. This committee weekly reviews a variety of local government initiatives that impact business and our community. Issues range from affordable housing, climate change, recycling, land use, sign codes, capital improvements fees, and a wide variety of issues impacting our community. Sean is thoughtful, respectful and makes decisions based on fiscal responsibility and community values. I’ve also known John Kefalas for over 20 years as a community activist and state legislator. John is also thoughtful but is less fiscally-minded and has a government-first mindset. Sean’s service on the Larimer County Planning commission and master plan positions him best to have an immediate impact as County Commissioner. My endorsement and vote is for Sean.

Pete Gazlay


To the editor:

John Kefalas, a man of the people, is my choice for Larimer County Commissioner. As a state senator he ably represented the interests of the citizens of Larimer County. He knows the needs and he finds solutions to meet those needs.

I have a son with cognitive disabilities – autism and anxiety. He, along with many others with disabilities, is more than capable of employment. He needs special supports, more than the average training, and lots of encouragement. All that is possible, especially in this employment environment.

John Kefalas was informed of the barriers to employment and went to work. His Employment First bill passed with a hefty margin from both sides of the aisle. No small feat in these divisive times. Upon passage this bill brought together disparate state agencies – in the same room, no less – to work out the elements of supporting people with disabilities in employment.

John will bring his positive expertise in bringing people together to solve problems to the Larimer County Commission.

We need him now. Vote for John Kefalas for Larimer County Commissioner.

Kathy Hartman


To the editor:

As we draw closer to Nov. 6, 2018, I have become concerned with some of the reasoning as to why to vote for or against a given candidate. I can understand being upset with certain politicians from both of the major parties. However, what I do not understand is voting against all the candidates of a party because you dislike someone in their same party. This year I encourage all of my fellow Larimer County voters to look closely at each candidate and to not just vote for or against someone based on the letter behind their name. I find it truly worrisome that we have candidates running for offices that have little to no experience for the office they hope to obtain. After looking closely into all the candidates, I have come to the conclusion that I will be voting for these candidates:

Walker Stapleton; governor

Peter Yu; Congressional District 2

Rob Woodward; Senate District 15

Hugh McKean; House District 51

Sean Dougherty; county commissioner

Angela Meyers; clerk and recorder

Irene Josey; treasurer

Alexis Smith; assessor

I do hope you all look into all of the candidates and make an educated decision for your beliefs and what you feel is right for the future of our great county and state.

Tate Hedgespeth


To the editor:

It is imperative for voters to vote yes for mental health in Larimer County for the safety of our children, neighbors, families and community.
It is very rare for anyone today to be unaffected by serious mental-health issues, whether that be knowing someone struggling with mental illness or struggling with it ourselves. According to the Larimer County coroner, 83 people died by suicide in Larimer County in 2016. In addition, the Mental Health and Substance Use Alliance reported in 2016 that 26,600 residents who needed mental-health services did not receive them. This shows there is a very wide gap in the care and services our community members need.
By voting yes on 1A this November we will be voting in favor of the construction of a mental-health facility that will provide services to all of Larimer County. This will be a facility that will not only provide mental-health services, but also address the issue of substance use in our community. While voting, think about the youth in Larimer County who need emergency services due to a mental illness and the parents who do not know where to get the help their children desperately need. For the health and safety of our community members in Larimer County, vote yes for mental health. For more information, please visit

Mallory Horning

Fort Collins

To the editor:

My name is Jordan Hunt. I am currently a senior at Colorado State University. I am writing you today in regard to voting yes on Ballot Issue 1A. Voting yes on Ballot Issue 1A would allow Larimer County to take bold steps toward providing quality behavioral care to all residents. This would include building a new mental-health facility in Larimer County.

There is a major need for a new mental-health facility in Larimer County. One in every five Larimer County residents struggle with mental illness. Furthermore, suicide is the third leading cause of death of youth in Larimer County; 90 percent of those who have died by suicide have a mental illness. This shows the children in our county need mental-health services that will be provided to them. In 2016 alone 83 residents completed suicide, and that does not include the people who attempted. You see, mental illness knows no prejudice. It can affect anyone, regardless of their ethnicity, age, ability and socioeconomic status. So, as you can see, there is a vital need for a new mental-health facility in Larimer County. The hope is this facility will reduce mental-health issues and suicide rates within Larimer County. No one wants to lose a child, friend, parent, or person to suicide, so let’s take action and vote yes on Ballot Issue 1A. It could save countless lives.

Again, I am writing today to urge you to vote yes on Ballot Issue 1A. Furthermore, you could help raise awareness by just starting the conversation with your own family and friends. Almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by mental illness who could benefit from this facility. So let’s take action and make a change.

Jordan Hunt

Fort Collins

To the editor:

Thompson schools are severely underfunded. Over the past several years the budget has been examined and pared down to keep most of the cuts away from kids. If this current mill levy election fails, I’m afraid of the things we may have to eliminate, because these cuts will directly affect students and classrooms. I’ve lived in Loveland for 44 years and was a teacher here for 27. I remember times when the district had to cut staffing to reduce costs. Class sizes rose between 32 and 36 students — I’d hate to see that happen again. In order to economize, this year the district decided to close two schools and reduced bus routes. In many Colorado districts they’ve cut extra-curricular activities such as sports, as well as electives like art, music and PE. In fact, to save money, over half of the districts in Colorado have gone to four-day weeks. This has huge impacts on families. For them, paying for day care one day a week would cost much more than the mill-levy proposal. Our teachers are the lowest paid of comparable districts in our area, which makes no sense. We live in a thriving community that can afford to fund our schools at least as well as our neighbors, Poudre and St. Vrain. I hope our community will vote to support our public schools by supporting the upcoming mill election. I think the consequences to our students and our community will be very detrimental if we don’t. 

Janet Jewett


To the editor:

Yes, I am biased. I have known Irene Josey for almost 30 years and, long ago, just had to marry her. As her husband I have perhaps the most complete perspective on Irene and her absolute dedication to her duty as Larimer County Treasurer. Without seeing her every day, it may be difficult to understand how much Irene cares about her responsibilities to her customers – Larimer County taxpayers and taxing authorities. Irene constantly works directly with taxpayers and local taxing authorities for fair and equal treatment and accurate results. This interaction inspires confidence in Irene’s knowledge and ability to get the job done right. I see how much she cares when she comes home and continues to work from home. I see how much she is respected and appreciated by people I meet who tell me how much they respect and appreciate her. They have come to trust her. See for yourself; look at the endorsements on her website and read the Estes Park Trail Gazette and the Coloradoan.
Yes, I am biased, but honest, when I tell you these things. To spend time with Irene is to see her caring and commitment for yourself.  I encourage you to take the time to call Irene and chat with her. You will quickly understand. Please visit her at and on Facebook to learn more about why Irene is the proven qualified choice for Larimer County Treasurer. And please vote for Irene Josey by Nov. 6.

Andy Josey


To the editor:

I am enthusiastically encouraging all voters, no matter their political affiliation, to re-elect Angela Myers as Larimer County Clerk and Recorder. I retired from Larimer County after 35 years of service there. I know first-hand the open, honest, professional way Angela conducts herself. Since she became our clerk and recorder I have been thoroughly impressed with the way she has dealt with each and every challenge within that extremely busy department and how well she collaborates outside her department for the good of the county as a whole. I have heard it said the office of clerk and recorder is one of the most challenging and difficult elected county offices. Every citizen uses the services of this office, whether for their license plates, to participate in an election, to get married, to get a passport, or to file a document in the public record. We cannot do better than Angela Myers for our Larimer County Clerk and Recorder. She has proven to be reliable, competent, unflappable and friendly. Let’s keep her in office.  

Ron Kerr 

Fort Collins

To the editor:

Need safety and security?

Is your vehicle securely registered in the clerk and recorder’s office? Is your vote counted accurately and confidentially? Is the deed to your home recorded properly?
The answer to each of these questions is yes. Why? The Larimer County Clerk and Recorder’s office is professionally managed by the present county clerk and recorder, Angel Myers. The security and confidentially of your records is her continued goal. She is trained, experienced, and very competent, with no political ambition. Her ambition is to continue to be a competent supervisor of the services offered the citizens of Larimer County. Her ambition is making sure your title, vote and deed are in safekeeping and accurate.
The personnel in the clerk and recorder’s office and its leader, Angela Myers, are charged with carrying out legislative mandates and facilitating those mandates within the requirements and spirit of the law…for the benefit of the citizens of Larimer County.
Angela’s experience should not be squandered for the sake of political ambition, but encouraged and required for the safety and security of your titles, votes and deeds.
Re-elect professional leadership
Re-elect Angela Myers as your clerk and recorder, and above all, vote.

Harry F. Krueckeberg

To the editor:

This November I am voting for John Kefalas for Larimer County Commissioner.

As a 23-year veteran of the U.S. Army I know what it means to serve. John Kefalas is such an individual. His history of service is long and deep.

John worked as a county employee for seven years and is currently a State Senator having served 12 years; he understands county and state government from the inside and how they interact.

When record wildfires struck Larimer County, Senator Kefalas wrote and championed the “Homeowners Insurance Reform Act of 2013” (HB13-1225) to help property owners recover more quickly from natural disasters. When historic flooding devastated Larimer County, Senator Kefalas served on the bipartisan 2013 Flood Disaster Recovery Committee and sponsored a series of successful bills to aid flood recovery. This year, John Kefalas was a primary sponsor of HB18-1394 to “Update the Colorado Disaster Recovery Act.”

These are some of the actual actions he has taken. Every day he represents his constituents. John Kefalas as county comissioner will bring that same dedication to serve, to represent all, listen to all, and cooperate with all attitude to our county. Bottomline: John Kefalas shows up ready to listen and work.

LTC (R) Immy McMahon, United States Army

Fort Collins

To the editor:

The struggles of mental health go beyond the individual. They affect us all. For those who have been through the ordeal, either personally or with a loved one, the process to treatment is confusing and scary at best. That’s a grim outlook for all of us. Mental health is pervasive and does not discriminate. I am appreciative to live and work in a community that sees this need and wants to do something about it. We have heard the numbers. We know this is not a moral failing, but an issue of health. We want our people to be the best they can be. And we want to know our friends and family will be supported with help available. This initiative has the capacity to make us resilient in the area of mental health. We can be the best we can be only when we take care of each other. Vote Yes on 1A.

Fred Palmer

Fort Collins

To the editor:

Larimer County is faced with rising and more complex property valuations each year. We need an assessor who understands the nuts and bolts of property valuations to effectively lead the biannual process.

From residential to commercial to agriculture taxation issues, Alexis Smith is qualified to formulate and implement new property values.

Vote for the candidate with experience, knowledge, and the passion we need.

Vote for Alexis Smith for Larimer County Assessor.

Arlene Schiffman


To the editor:

My name is Jennifer Steinberg and I am a resident of Fort Collins. I am also a supporter and advocate for mental health awareness and treatment. With that, I am encouraging residents of Larimer County to vote Yes on 1A during this midterm election. 1A proposes for the development of mental-health and substance abuse facilities in Larimer County.

Mental health impacts individuals, families and communities. It is not limited to a certain demographic, and the number of mental-health crises are growing. For example, in 2016 26,000 residents were in need of mental-health services but did not seek out those treatments. Also, Larimer County has some of the highest suicide rates in the nation.

Although there are services available in the county, there is not a complete range of treatment or enough access to resources to meet the demands as mental-health crises grow. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, within a year less than half of adults and 60 percent of older adults with mental illness seek treatment.

Voting Yes on 1A will help provide Larimer County citizens access to a mental-health and substance-abuse facility. It will allow individuals in need to receive the necessary treatment. For more information on 1A or to see the proposed master plan, please visit

It is time to vote yes for mental health in Larimer County.

Jennifer Steinberg

Fort Collins

To the editor:

My name is Emilia Tamalunas and I am currently a senior studying social work at Colorado State University. I am writing this letter to ask you to vote Yes for 1A on Nov. 6, 2018. By voting Yes for 1A, you will be approving a sales tax in Larimer County to promote a mental-health initiative within our community. Currently the mental health treatment centers in Larimer County are not meeting demands of the people who are in need.
Mental-health crises are a growing problem in Larimer County, and the existing statistics prove it. Suicide rates have doubled since the year of 2009 in Larimer County. In 2016 alone, a total of 83 suicides were completed within the county. Ninety percent of these suicides were individuals with a diagnosable mental illness, which means several of these could have been prevented. Overall, mental health illnesses impact one in five individuals living in our area.
Folks residing in our county are worthy of access to basic mental-health services. Significant change is needed in addressing the mental-health services within our area. Vote Yes for 1A to approve a sales tax that will promote a mental health initiative in Larimer County. Vote Yes for 1A on Nov. 6.
Emilia Tamalunas

Fort Collins

To the editor: 

Suicide rates have increased over the last 50 years, and with Larimer County having the highest suicide rate in the nation, it is imperative to instill preventive measures against suicide-related deaths.

Due to society’s increasing demand for more productive citizens, stress has overtaken most Americans lives. In Larimer County alone half of all college students have struggled with some mental health disorder for 12 months or more. With this issue not getting better, it is time to take action and vote yes on 1A.

By voting yes on 1A, this will allow for a long-term mental-health facility to be built in Larimer County. This facility will provide services for managing mental-health disorders as well as treatment for substance abuse. In addition, through implementing long-term services for mental-health treatments, this will reduce health-care costs, decrease homelessness, and mental health related deaths will decline.

Mental health matters, and by voting yes on 1A, the health of our children, adolescents and adults will improve. Let’s change our future. Larimer County has had the highest suicide rate for far too long. Vote yes on 1A and save the lives of people living in our community.

Nicole Catherine Tarcha

To the editor:

Sean Doherty will make a positive impact as the next Larimer County Commissioner. I have had the pleasure of serving with Sean on the board of directors for the Fort Collins Board of Realtors® for the past year, and his business, policy governance, and financial acumen in this role is exceptional. He listens to everyone, studies all options, and then presents positive, workable solutions to detailed issues. Sean is a recognized servant leader in the real estate industry with his constant involvement in many different capacities at both the local and state level. Additionally, Realities for Children, The Boy Scouts of America, Neighbor to Neighbor, Disabled Resource Services, and many other organizations have benefitted greatly from Sean’s involvement over the years. I have a deep admiration and respect for his breadth and depth of knowledge in government affairs, budgeting, and community involvement. Larimer County will be well served by making Sean Doherty it’s next county commissioner. 

Matt Thompson

Fort Collins

To the editor:

Like you, I’ve been horrified at the recent events surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. The brave testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford rang true with the experiences so many women have had in our society. The denial of her experiences, and her subsequent drubbing in the media by everyone from the president to the senate majority leader, have reopened wounds for so many survivors of sexual assault and rape. Let’s be clear: survivors should be believed. Period.

Now more than ever, we must ensure that our elected officials – across all levels of government, are allies and advocates for survivors of sexual assault and rape. It’s why I’m proud to support Bob Overbeck – his time on city council has demonstrated he has a heart full of compassion, an unbending commitment to justice, and an ear that is always ready to listen to those who have been victimized, ignored or silenced.

And I’m not alone – a cohort of women, including Representative Jeni Arndt, Representative Joann Ginal, Loveland Mayor Jacki Marsh, Councilmember Kristin Stephens, and Director Cathy Kipp have all endorsed Bob Overbeck for Larimer County Assessor. They know, as many others do, that Bob will continue to be a voice for equality and justice in our county – listening to the experiences of others and speaking out on behalf of those who are marginalized, vulnerable, or just down-right ignored in our community. Join me in supporting Bob Overbeck for Larimer County Assessor – the fair and equitable choice for the assessor’s office.  

Brandi Williams 

Fort Collins 

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