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To the editor:

Experience in Larimer County matters, and Sean Dougherty has spent many years preparing to be a Larimer County Commissioner. He has worked on land use issues, the County Master Plan, and eight years on the Larimer County Planning Commission. This has prepared him well to understand the issues facing our county.
Sean has extensive community service work. He has worked 12 years on the board of directors of the North Fort Collins Business Association; seven years on the Ft. Collins Chamber of Commerce Local Legislative Affairs Committee; and nine years as a member of the Ft. Collins Board of Realtors Government Affairs Committee, along with several community non-profit groups. His leadership in business and non-profits has prepared him to work with county staff and elected officials. Sean has been building essential relationships with these people for many years.
As a commissioner Sean will be accessible and accountable to the citizens of Larimer County and will administer taxpayers’ money wisely.
Vote for Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner.
Janet Juell

Ft. Collins


To the editor:

Larimer County has been greatly blessed to have had Irene Josey as treasurer. She has led the way for Larimer County to be a strong financial community. There are several qualities Irene Josey has that have helped her bring about this success. She is dedicated, hard-working, compassionate, and has real integrity. I have been amazed at her strength and compassion. I recall a time when she heard of a friend who had a rare form of cancer and needed experimental treatment that was not covered by insurance. Irene immediately ran a fund-raising campaign to help her obtain that necessary treatment. Irene’s efforts were successful. Her friend received the treatment and is alive and well today. That demonstrates the kind of person Irene is, and Larimer County would be wise to re-elect Irene Josey.

 Tomi Grundvig



To the editor:

Our currently elected clerk and recorder, Angela Myers, is responsible for license plates, public records and elections. It’s a big job and she’s proven she is up to the task.

In elections Angela played an important role in making Colorado one of the most secure. She replaced the aged election system she inherited and now all ballots are paper-based; she ensures our voting secrecy while proving her commitment to fairness.

When we get our license plates there are now multiple appointment advances including phone transactions and online wait times; we have many more choices than when she took office. And operations that manage public records are now state-of-the-art since the system conversion under Angela’s leadership.

We need people who represent us and not partisan politics. Angela knows what it takes and she is a true professional in an office that requires experience and understanding of the many details. With more than 15 years in the office, Angela has proven her leadership skills as clerk and is the right person for what Larimer County needs. Join me in re-electing Angela Myers as our clerk for the next four years.

Randy Holyfield


To the editor:

I have known Irene Josey for 15 years through the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association. During most of that time she served as the chief deputy of the Larimer County Treasurer’s office and is now completing her first term as treasurer. Irene has a depth of knowledge about both the treasurer’s office and the state statutes which govern that office that few in the state can match. I have always found Irene to be professional in her appearance and demeanor. She is respectful, intelligent, and holds herself and the people around her to high moral and ethical standards. When I am hiring someone I ask three things: 1) Can they do the work? 2) Do they play well with others and 3) Do they understand what they are doing? Well under those standards I would hire Irene Josey anytime. She is all of that and a dedicated public servant who puts the needs and interests of the public above that of her own. Irene’s colleagues in the Colorado County Treasurer’s Association thought so highly of her they elected her to be their association president in 2017, a role she continues in until the annual June 2018 meeting. She has served well and honorably. Therefore, I can without reservation highly recommend the people of Larimer County should again elect Irene Josey to continue the great work for which the Larimer County Treasurer’s office is known all over the State of Colorado.

John Lefebvre
Weld County Treasurer



To the editor:

It is important we elect a person for Larimer County Treasurer who has the knowledge, experience and qualifications. Irene Josey, having served as chief deputy treasurer for 26 years and treasurer since 2015, has proven performance. In 2017, as a result of her professional financial management working closely with fellow elected county officials, Larimer County earned Moody’s highest credit rating, Aaa. Irene has returned over half a million dollars in unspent, allocated budget funds as treasurer. We need a treasurer who is experienced in making sound, safe investment decisions, who has consistently been able to come in under budget. We cannot let Larimer County’s financial future be in the hands of an unproven, inexperienced treasurer. The candidate who has earned our vote for Larimer County Treasurer is Irene Josey.

Larry Roche



To the editor:

I am pleased to submit this letter in support of Angela Myers as Larimer County Clerk and Recorder. I spent 18 years working in the Clerk and Recorder Recording Department and had the pleasure of working under three amazing clerks: Myrna Rodenberger, Scott Doyle and Angela Myers. I had an opportunity to observe firsthand how important experience is in this multi-faceted, ever-evolving office.

From the time Angela arrived in 2003 I had worked alongside her daily. Angela is a woman who always champions others; always has a positive, can-do perspective; and always gets the job done. When Scott Doyle decided to retire early, I personally encouraged Angela to pursue the office of clerk – because the position needs someone experienced, and she understood it from a holistic perspective. I knew she would always move the office forward. And I was right.

All of the clerks I have worked for have been exceptional, but Angela’s time as clerk has been unique because of the level of evolutionary change that each department within the office has experienced. She has engaged the staff as active participants and has led them through the challenges of change to resounding, consistent success.

Angela’s honesty and integrity are above reproach – she is the same with everyone – she is what you see. I strongly encourage you to vote for Angela Myers’ continued exceptional leadership in this complex administrative office.

Gael M. Shellhaas

Cape Coral, Fla.


To the editor:

NOCO HBA (the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado) is recommending to its members support for the following candidate for Larimer County Commissioner.

Sean Dougherty: As a result of our committee’s interviews, Dougherty has demonstrated the commitment through his direct experience working with Larimer County’s commissioners and staff for the past eight years and serving on other boards in Fort Collins and Larimer County. His commitment to small business in our industry and to be mindful in honoring property rights, also led us to endorse his candidacy. Dougherty’s vision for the county aligned best with the NOCO Home Builders Associations Vision and Mission.

 Douglas Braden

Committee chair



To the editor:

Over the past two months members of the Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 board have met with candidates running for Larimer County offices in the November 2018 election. The races prioritized by Lodge 3 were those we felt had the greatest influence on the profession of law enforcement, specifically for our brothers and sisters at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office. Those offices are District 1 commissioner, county treasurer and office of the sheriff.

We are appreciative to all candidates who reached out to our lodge and who took the time to meet with, and/or talk with us about their vision for the office of which they are in pursuit, and how they would be the better candidate to support the needs of our profession. The areas of greatest concern to our members, as it relates to these conversations, were; funding a retirement plan that allows officers to retire at an age that is safe and sensible to them and the communities they serve; a commitment from candidates to pursue an understanding of use-of-force situations through the lens of the officers who are not afforded the opportunity to watch a video, zoom in, hit pause, and then decide the best course of action after the perceived threat has been neutralized; and last, funding of the jail expansion and other facilities needed to help officers do their job safely and keep the communities in Larimer County safe.

In addition to meetings held with the candidates, questionnaires were submitted to each candidate to gain a better understanding of who they are, what they represent, and how they would meet the needs of law enforcement and public safety. The questionnaire responses were sent out to our membership for their review.  A poll was subsequently submitted to our membership to gather feedback on which candidates, if any, they wished to endorse. Based on the feedback from our members, Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 is pleased to announce our support of;

Sean Dougherty- Larimer County District 1 Commissioner

Irene Josey- Larimer County Treasurer

Justin Smith- Larimer County Sheriff

Best wishes in your pursuit of these offices and thank you for your dedication to our communities and the men and women who keep them safe.

Christopher Renn


Fort Collins


To the editor:

The Loveland Lodge 52 of the Fraternal Order of Police is proud to announce its support of FOP Lodge 4 and their endorsements for the upcoming Larimer County elections.

The Fraternal Order of Police is the voice of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting and serving their communities. The vast majority of the police officers of the Loveland Police Department are members of the Fraternal Order of Police.

FOP Lodge 4 has chosen to endorse the following:

County Sheriff – Justin Smith

Treasurer – Irene Josey

County Commissioner – Sean Dougherty

Lodge 52 believes these individuals are committed to maintaining Public Safety as a priority in Larimer County.  The men and women of Loveland FOP Lodge 52 urge the citizens to vote for Justin Smith for Larimer County Sheriff, Irene Josey for Larimer County Treasurer, and Sean Dougherty for Larimer County Commissioner.

Gary R. Patzer


Colorado FOP Lodge 52





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