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April 24, 2020 | Local News

Monday, April 13

Welfare Check: Hwy 287, it was reported by a passerby that there was a male walking on the east side of Hwy 287. The male had a backpack on and said he didn’t appear to be adequately dressed for the weather.  The man was located and said he was walking from Boulder to Fort Collins, made it to the 1700 Blk of N Hwy 287 in Berthoud, Deputies provided a courtesy ride to the gas station at Hwy 402 & Hwy 287 in Loveland.

Motorist Assist:  Berthoud Parkway @ Roundabout, it was reported that due to slick roads a blue Hyundai slid off the road at the second roundabout.  Street Department responded and put sand down.  Vehicle was pulled from ditch with no damage or injuries.

Suspicious Circumstances: 6th Street, susp male walking around the neighborhood white male, late 20s with a shaved head, tattoos on his neck.  The man previously walked up the driveway but is walking in circles.  Man was located and told us he was out looking for his cat. But the man didn’t take it puuuurrsonal.

Tuesday, April 14

Traffic Problem:  CR 10E & Berthoud Parkway, a passerby reported there is a construction company working on the corner with no flaggers. He could not see them working due to the trees and you must go into the oncoming lane to avoid the workers.  The crew was just setting up, they are in the ditch and not a hazard, they have all the proper equip set up per state law.  Traffic problem or just an inconvenience for a driver?

Wednesday, April 15

Warrant:  7th Street, a 40-year old Berthoud man was contacted on a verbal disturbance call with female.  Nothing criminal substantiated with the argument but the man had a warrant out of Fort Collins Police Services for failure to comply with terms and conditions of probation.  Booked.  He can’t go to college because it’s obvious he doesn’t learn.

Harassment:  Hollyberry Street, a father reported his 14-year old daughter is being bullied on social media by her ex-boyfriend. I guess now we know why he is the Ex!

Assist:  CR-10E, a man was having a seizure and the caller stated that the man can get violent when he comes out of a seizure. The caller says the male having a seizure has come out of it and is now throwing furniture.  Transported by ambulance.

Disturbance:  Wagon Bend Road, a resident reported that he has been fighting all day with his ex-girlfriend. She got really upset about something and decided to send the him a video of her destroying the house. She got upset “about something”, hmmm

Thursday, April 16

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury:  Hwy 287, a vehicle southbound on Highway 287, just near the bridge in the right-hand lane. He stated a blue 4Runner next him kicked up some slush, as the roads were slushy, and it was actively snowing. He stated that due to the slush, he could not see anything, even when using his wiper blades, then all the sudden the 4Runner swerved and struck his vehicle, causing him to go into the concrete median.

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury / License Cancelled-Denied / No Proof of Insurance:  2nd Street & Bunyan Avenue, the first driver was southbound on North 2nd Street when a 2nd driver began to pull into traffic from a parked parallel position on the west side of the roadway, striking his truck on the passenger side as he was passing by it.  The 2nd driver was asked if he had his registration and insurance for his vehicle. He stated that he did not have proof of insurance with him, and he was unable to provide a registration to the vehicle.  Dispatch reported that the second driver’s driving status in Colorado was canceled/denied. But his ticket was not.

Road Hazards:  Berthoud, located and moved several fallen branches throughout town.  Deputies branched out from their normal duties and went out on a limb for this.

Friday, April 17

Assist to Boulder PD:  Bimson Avenue, a 41-year old Berthoud man was arrested on Domestic Violence / Harassment charges relating to a Boulder PD case. Transported into Longmont for custody transfer. This upstanding citizen picked up additional criminal tampering charges for spitting in the back of an LCSO patrol vehicle which were added by Boulder PD.  And yes, we have to clean that out and sterilize the whole inside..

Saturday, April 18

Vehicle Trespass:  Woodcock Street, a resident reported numerous tools were taken from the bed of his truck. Possible suspect vehicle is a red truck with a snowplow being driven by a skinny white male. Why is it always a skinny dude?  Why can’t it be a girthy dude?

Sunday, April 19

Driving with Revoked License:  Berthoud Parkway & Lake Avenue, a 33-year old Berthoud man was contacted as a parked suspicious vehicle at the Kwik Korner. He was found to be revoked and was given a clear warning not to drive. Not taking the warning seriously decided to drive anyway less than ten minutes after the contact and was arrested. Booked.  We give you a chance to make a good decision, then this.

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