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May 10, 2019 | Local News

Monday, April 29

Suspicious person: Petrel Drive, a resident reported she received an alert from her front door camera showing someone is sitting on her front porch that she does not recognize. The subject is a young woman. has long dark hair. wearing a backpack and has a suitcase. Deputy contacted the woman on the front porch on the phone. She was told to go to this address where she would meet a friend. Wrong address and she was directed to the right address.

Tuesday, April 30

Vehicle crash w/ injuries: Highway 287 and County Road (CR) 8, a boom truck going southbound on Highway 287 braked suddenly for the traffic light. His back end fishtailed and flipped into itself, hitting two parked vehicles on the side of the road causing severe damage (understatement) to a van. The van went forward and ran into her husband’s truck. The boom truck ended up flipping on its side and went boom! blocking 287 for several hours. Those grumpy drivers from the last accident showed up here too. How did they know? 

Wednesday, May 1

Welfare check: Common Drive, we received an anonymous tip someone was being held hostage at this residence. Everyone was checked on and no one was being held captive.

Open door: Carrie Martin Elementary, after school hours and while doing checks around the school a deputy found an open door. School was checked and found no one inside. Staff came and secured the door.

Thursday, May 2

Follow up / runaway juvenile: Canyonlands Street, a juvenile boy was located by his father at a friend’s house in Loveland. The father said the living arrangements are acceptable and his son has his permission to be at his friend’s house. 

Aggravated motor vehicle theft/trespass: N. 83rd Street (Boulder County), a Boulder man reported to Boulder his 2003 Kawasaki motorcycle was stolen. Vehicle was located and recovered by Boulder and Larimer County deputies and charges are being brought into Larimer County for the two juvenile males for this incident and from their recent crime spree.

Suspicious circumstances: Berthoud High, a resident who lives near the high school reported there’s a white light outside the school that is flashing on the east side of the building, almost as if the fire alarm is going off. It turned out to be a malfunctioning light.

Friday, May 3

Found property: CR 23 and CR 8, a big bag of tools was found and turned in to the Berthoud squad. Tools will be stored at the town hall for a short while.

Trespass: Redwood Circle, a resident reported there were some juveniles trespassing on his property. They are not there now, but he has video of them. Met with the resident who showed us a video of three kids walking past his property on the sidewalk. One male stepped onto his property and rang the doorbell. The resident refused to email video and stated he only wanted us to tell the kids to stay off his property. Basically: Get off my lawn.

Saturday, May the fourth be with you

Recovered stolen plates: Second Street, two “stolen” plates from a previous recovered steal were recovered after the owner of the home found them under his deck. Oops.

Abandoning a motor vehicle/traffic violations: Third Street and Massachusetts Avenue, a yellow box truck was parked in the fire lane, partially blocking a fire hydrant and right in front of a no-parking sign. The same vehicle was an issue for expired plates last year. Not able to get ahold of owner so the vehicle was towed. The fire department is very unforgiving with a car parked in front of a hydrant when they need it.

Welfare check: E. Nebraska Avenue, an anonymous caller reported a woman texted him suicidal comments and a photo of a hand full of pills. The woman and her mother were moderately uncooperative with law enforcement.
Sunday, Cinco de Mayo

Suspicious / warrant arrest / protection order violation: First Street, a man was contacted during a suspicious call. He was booked on a felony warrant. The man’s brother was also on scene and is restrained from his ex-wife who is now his brother’s girlfriend. What? Sounds like a new episode for the Maury Povich show.

Warrant arrest: A Berthoud man was contacted at his residence and arrested on LCSO felony warrant for aggravated incest and sexual assault on a child. Booked.

Vehicle crash / hit and run: Seventh Street, a resident reported someone crashed into her car while it was parked in front of her house.  

Aggravated motor vehicle theft / first degree criminal trespass: Fourth Street, a vehicle was stolen and dumped one block away and at least three other vehicles we know of were entered. The vehicle that was stolen was processed for evidence and returned to its owner. The other vehicles were documented, and the owners were made aware of the situation.  

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