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September 30, 2020 | Opinion

To the Editor:


As a 46 year resident of Loveland, CO I am proud to have been represented by Cory Gardner as my US Representative and most recently as my US Senator.  I support his reelection because he shares my values.  As a veteran I appreciate his support for veterans by getting the VA to recognize and act upon the report done at their request by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine November 2018- Veterans and Agent Orange, Update 11 (2018).  As an engineer, I appreciate his leading the passage of the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act, bipartisan legislation that helped maximize basic scientific research, improve opportunities for underrepresented groups in STEM and encouraged commercialization and technology transfer.  This includes leading the effort to strengthen the workforce with his bipartisan CHANCE in Tech Act, which would build improved partnerships between private industry and entities like state technology associations to fill skill gaps and promote a more vibrant economy.  Please join me in voting for Cory Gardner.

James M. Adell



To the Editor:

This November, I would encourage my fellow Coloradans to re-elect Cory Gardner to the United States Senate!

I first met Cory when I was a student at CSU while he was speaking on campus and running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Then, and in my interactions with him since, his willingness to listen, understand and engage has always stuck with me. He is a 5th generation Coloradan and cares deeply about our communities.

To that end, Senator Gardner has been ranked the 3rd most bipartisan Senator who has worked across the aisle to make things better for Colorado and he has more bills signed into law than the rest of the Colorado delegation.

As a small business owner myself, his efforts around workforce development and support of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are helping Colorado communities and small businesses like mine grow during this time of economic uncertainty. And, he has introduced legislation that would guarantee health coverage protections for individuals with pre-existing conditions- a desperately needed protection to ensure entrepreneurs and individuals can follow their dreams while having access to quality health coverage.

I would ask you vote for Cory Gardner this November!

Chase Eckerdt

Fort Collins


To the Editor:

If there is one thing I look for in an incumbent senator’s legislative record, it’s the ability to successfully and often reach across party lines to achieve sound, beneficial legislation for Colorado and the nation.  Cory Gardner’s record of bipartisan legislative sponsorship is stellar evidence that he is willing to support bills sponsored by Democrats as well as Republicans and that Democrats are willing to cosponsor bills introduced by Gardner.

The evidence lies in The Luger Center and Georgetown University’s McCourt School of Public Policy’s Bipartisan Index.  Billed as “an objective measure of how well members of opposite parties work with one another” the Index gives Senator Gardner an impressive third place “bipartisan” rank among all 100 US senators for the 2019 legislative year.

In the current tense, divisive political and social federal government environment, effective bi-partisan legislative action is both a rare and critical skill.   Fortunately, Cory Gardner has become known at the Capitol for his ability to craft and often pass collaborative legislation.

Here’s a short list:  full funding for the over-budget Aurora VA hospital; introducing with Senator Elizabeth Warren a bill to ensure States have the right to determine the best approach to marijuana within their borders, and the recently passed National Suicide Hotline Designation Act, replacing the 10-digit hotline with three-digit 988 number.

With his outstanding bi-partisan track record, I’ll be voting for incumbent Senator Gardner this November.

Michelle Kalkowski

Fort Collins



To the Editor:

I am supporting Cory Gardner for US Senate.  My reasons follow. Cory works both sides of the aisle as he has been ranked the 3rd most bipartisan member of the Senate. Cory supports moving government department officials closer to the people and programs they administer shown by his winning efforts to relocate the Bureau of Land Management’s headquarters to Grand Junction.  Cory realizes we have a responsibility to our environment as he has been named a Nature Conservancy Conservation Champion.  Cory does not sit still in fear and is a positive person. He looks forward to our future.  He is a co-founder and co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Smart Transportation Caucus which promotes existing and next generation transportation technology.  Cory is pushing a bill which will allow businesses to contribute tax-free dollars to their employees’ student loans, similar to a 401k plan. There are many forward-looking positive and courageous people in government who represent us and Cory Gardner is one of them.  Please join me in supporting Cory Gardner!

Quentin Price



To the Editor:

During these unsettling times and in this election year, America needs principled leaders more than ever.  Cory Gardner is just such a leader.  I have met and talked with Cory personally.  He is a man of integrity and is not afraid to work hard – seeking for solutions that will move our country and state forward.  He has a great ability to work across the aisle – he believes learning and counseling together will often bring the best solutions to challenging problems.  This is likely why he has been ranked as the 3rd most bipartisan senator in the U.S. Senate.  We need more leaders like Cory.

Please join me in reelecting Cory Gardner to the United States Senate.

Julie Morain



To the Editor:

Article III of our Constitution establishes the Federal Judiciary.  Congress is entrusted with the power to decide how it is organized.  This power was exercised in passing the Judiciary Act of 1789.  The Supreme Court’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, protection of our Constitutional civil rights and liberties.

The Supreme Court’s power is largely reliant on perceptions of its legitimacy, belief that the Court has the authority to make a decision and is impartial in doing so.  It has no power of enforcement.  It depends on the Executive and Legislative branches, or on municipal/state judiciaries.

America’s demographics are changing and will continue to change.  In reaction, it seems Conservatives have been using the Federal Courts to try to roll back the clock.  There are reforms, however, that could be enacted to de-politicize the Supreme Court.  A new Legislature in 2020 could act to:

  1. Establish formal rules about when and how a Supreme Court nomination must be considered (to avoid a repeat of what happened with President Obama’s nomination of Merritt Garland).
  2. Impose (staggered) term limits on Supreme Court Justices, just as there are term limits on the President. This might preclude a situation in which one President has a disproportionate influence (Trump) and another, no influence (Carter).
  3. Pass legislation requiring a 2/3 majority vote to eliminate existing federal or state law.
  4. Pass legislation limiting the areas of the law the Court may review.
  5. Reduce or expand the size of the Court.

Finally, Congress has the authority to add states to our United States.  Adding the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, for example, could promote more diverse representation within the Legislature, which could influence subsequent legislation.

Denise Fazio, Ed.D.

Fort Collins


To the Editor:

Colorado, wake up!!!  Your vote in November will determine if our beautiful state will survive.  Do you want more taxes disguised as “fees”, then vote for the same government, Democrats.  The “fees” you see on your automobile registration (14 “fees” on our 2004 truck) have been passed on to us by the Democrat-led state Congress and governors over the years they have run our state.  They couldn’t get a new tax passed thankfully, because we have the Tabor Amendment so they got around going to the taxpayer for a new tax by adding a “fee”.  The Democrats love to get more money from the taxpayers to grow more government programs because they believe they know better how to spend your hard-earned money.  Vote YES on Proposition 117 to protect Tabor and vote NO on Amendment B to protect the Gallagher Amendment.  AND, VOTE for Republican candidates in our state and nationally!

Carol Huffman



To the Editor:

Senator Cory Gardner is simply the best man for the job.

While working with various organizations in Washington, I have personally experienced Senator Gardner’s bipartisan work for the people of Colorado.  Every organization I work with agrees, Colorado has the best Senatorial Team in the country.  Why would we want to break up a winning combination?  Why would we want to risk Colorado’s future on a new political experiment?  Why would we want to crawl in the swamp with the rest – when the Colorado Senatorial team stands above?

Senator Gardner’s accomplishments are well documented, and The Great American Outdoors Act hits one out of the ‘park’ for Colorado.  Solidifying the long-promised funding to catch up and perpetually maintain our National Parks will be one of the greatest tourism boosts in recent history.  Senator Gardner knows that. Colorado IS tourism – Senator Gardner knows that.

Colorado – do we want a Senator that gets things done, or one that will spend the next six years fighting legal battles for past transgressions? I choose accomplishments over empty promises, every time!

Senator Cory Gardner is a breath of fresh air in a political world that desperately needs it.

Please join me in sending our best back to Washington – vote Cory Gardner in 2020!

John Fogle

City Councilor, Loveland


To the Editor:

Cory Gardner is the right person to continue as our US Senator on behalf of Colorado.  I had a chance to meet Cory in 2010 when he first considered running for the US House of Representatives.  He struck me as thoughtful, energetic, passionate, and cared what I had to say.  His record in the House and in the Senate since 2014 reflects that same passion.

Cory speaks his own mind and works across party lines for the best interest of Colorado and the US.  He puts jobs and our economic well-being at the forefront.  He worked on Opportunity Zone legislation which was included in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, helping needy cities attract new kinds of investment.  He values Colorado’s public lands and his Great American Outdoors act made permanent funding available to bolster national parks maintenance needs.

Cory is invested in Colorado and will fight to see our way of life preserved.  He is a fifth-generation Coloradoan, raising three children with his wife, Jaime in Yuma, CO.  His Bachelor’s degree is from CSU and his Juris Doctorate from CU.

Please join me in supporting Cory Gardner for US Senate.

Kurt Kastein

Former Fort Collins City Councilmember


To the Editor:

I am pleased to support the reelection of Cory Gardner to the United States Senate. During his tenure this fifth generation Northern Colorado native has been a tireless advocate for policies that benefit those from all walks of life. He has worked with willing partners from all parties to build our economy, address the current pandemic and protect health care access for all.

When I served with Cory in the Colorado House, I knew he would be making a significant impact on Colorado and the nation in the future.

This has been demonstrated on his leadership on energy and natural resource policy as well as securing transportation dollars for Colorado highways. Cory has been instrumental in the passage of more legislation than the rest of the Colorado delegation combined and is recognized as the third most bipartisan Senator.

We need Cory Gardner in the U.S. Senate to continue working for a better and stronger state and nation.

Rep. Ken Summers (ret)

Fort Collins

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