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Michelle Renee Womack: March 24, 1969 – Jan. 22, 2017

January 26, 2017 | Obituaries

Michelle passed away on Jan. 22 after a year-long battle against cancer. She was a fighter to the very end. She was born March 24, 1969 in Huntsville, Ala., to Jack Womack and Bette Bustos Womack (and big sister Pam Womack). The family moved to Berthoud, Colo., in 1974. She was a full member of the 12-Year Club, attending K-12 at Berthoud schools. Michelle was an accomplished athlete, thrilling fans in basketball and softball games.

She was a trained cosmetologist, working at Great Clips as stylist and manager for many years. With a variety of “titles” over the years, she was a skilled admin. assistant and office manager at ClearVision, American Innovations and CML Security. She was a dedicated single mother and Hockey Mom to son Levii (and many of his friends). This was her proudest accomplishment, and the identity she was fiercest to protect.

Michelle finally found her Rock Star in 2004 and joined her life to Jeff Schable; they made it official in 2008. When his kids Gabe, Carly, and Beth returned to Colorado they became a family of six people and, of course, too many pets to count. Michelle continued her evolution and became part of the Denver music scene as Band Wife to drummer Jeff. Her involvement in this extended music community/family was her passion.

She is survived by son Levii Norwood, husband Jeff Schable, sister Pam Womack, bonus kids Gabe, Carly, and Beth Schable, and (with Andy McClelland) grand-daughter Charlotte. Also, we can’t forget Coda and the other dogs and cats.

A memorial service will be performed at Applewood Baptist Church, (5858 Ward Rd., Arvada, Colo.) at 1 p.m. on Feb. 4, reception immediately following in the downstairs hall. Please sign the guest book for the family. We would love to hear your favorite memories of Michelle, how you met, how your life was affected by her beautiful presence in your life.

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