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Affordable housing study challenges and solutions needs your input

Special to the Surveyor | February 24, 2021 | Local News

A study designed to provide a clearer picture of the housing challenges in Larimer County is available for residents to participate in to help develop a more meaningful housing plan. The survey is now open for participation by all Larimer County residents.

Housing for some Larimer County residents has become more challenging in recent years and the study will provide valuable information to prioritize and help form housing policy solutions. Visit to participate in the short study, open until Feb. 28,2021.

Reducing the overburdened housing ratio by 5% for both owned and rented units is a part of Goal Two, Objective Four of the 2019 – 2023 Larimer County Strategic Plan, The objective helps achieve the county’s goal that “Everyone in Larimer County has access to economic opportunities and a vibrant quality of life. We work together to remove barriers.”

For more information on the study, contact Jennifer Fairman at [970] 498-5983, via email at [email protected] or Larimer County’s partner on the study, Root Policy Research, at [email protected] or 970-880-1415.

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