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Local writer Kim Cruz featured in new book

February 02, 2017 | Local News

Kim Cruz pictured holding a copy of the book that she is featured in titled: “Success University for Women.”
Bob McDonnell / The Surveyor

By Bob McDonnel
The Surveyor

Until recently, Kim Cruz, who lives on a ranch west of Berthoud, had never been published in a book, although she enjoys reading books and writing in general. Her professional career focuses on managing change, leading people, and transforming organizations. In this capacity she has her own company, Center for Integrative Leading. For more than eight years she worked as a certified Canfield success principles trainer, and mindset and personal development expert for Jack Canfield Companies. She assisted Canfield for about seven of those years. Yes, that Jack Canfield. The one we know from the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, among other things.

Thanks to this association, Cruz was one of 16 women from the United States, and internationally, to be selected to supply a chapter for “Success University for Women in Business.” The book was created by Jan Fraser and Catherine Scheers.

Initially Cruz hesitated to take the ladies up on the offer. She was traveling back and forth to Arizona to assist with caring for her father who had cancer. She did this trek every week for four months while still maintaining her consulting workload.

Last September a chance encounter and a bronze plaque led to Cruz authoring a chapter in a book. It occurred while Cruz and her husband were visiting the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP).

Her account of what happened is in Section 2 of “Success University for Women” titled “Get a Life.” Her chapter is called Following Your Heart.

Cruz tells of mysteriously meeting a young woman at the visitor center with a shared dream of being a mounted park ranger. Cruz also came across a plaque dedicated to a ranger, Jeff Christensen, who lost his life while patrolling the Mummy Range. “A treasure” is how she labels the experience in RMNP.

The plaque reads, “You know if I ever die while at work in the mountains, do not cry for me because you will know that I died doing what I love. But if I die in a car accident on the way to an office job, then cry for me because you will know I was miserable and not doing what I love.  Jeff Christensen”

The quote on the plaque made Cruz aware she was not true to herself or her work. Also, various things going on in her life gave her a feeling of being lost.

A week after the incident the book creators called Cruz to check in. They held space for her in the book.

Cruz decided that impactful story was what needed to be in the book. “Soul-provoking” is how she attempts to describe her feelings. Even though the experience was very personal, Cruz challenged herself to share it.

“This was really my first step into exploring what writing a book is all about.” She plans to write more. “I am writing my own book now,” she said. It will be on change leadership and how we all come together to lead change. “I love writing,” she added.

“Success University for Women in Business” is available on The chapter by Cruz is in volume two.

To find out more about the company Cruz runs, go to

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