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The Surveyor | January 13, 2022 | Local News

Monday, January 3

Recovered Stolen Vehicle: Welch Avenue – Stolen vehicle from Welch Avenue last week was located in Longmont during a residential burglary. One of the suspects in the Longmont incident was wearing matching shoes to the impressions left in the snow during this multiple vehicle trespass incident in Berthoud. The vehicle was towed to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office to be processed.

Vehicle Trespass/Theft: Welch Avenue – A male reported his car had been entered and the center console rummaged through. Two pairs of Oakley prescription glasses were taken and the sunglasses had lime green frames.

Motor Vehicle Accident: South Eighth Street and Winding Brook Drive – A vehicle heading southbound on South Eighth Street was struck by another vehicle that turned in front of it while attempting to turn left into a parking lot  Both vehicles suffered severe damage.

Tuesday, January 4

Criminal Mischief:  South County Road 21 – A resident reported that a 20-foot section of their north boundary fence of the property was damaged by an unknown vehicle that swerved off the road, through the fence and continued on through their front paddock and back out on to County Road 21 sometime between 12 p.m. Jan. 3 and 12 p.m. Jan. 4.

Unattended Death: Fourth Street – A welfare check was called in for an elderly female after no one had seen or heard from her after several days. Entry was made and the female was found deceased.

Wednesday, January 5

Warrant/Driving Under Restraint: U.S. Highway 287 – A traffic stop led to a female being arrested on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and cited for driving under a revoked license.

Mental Health Hold:  Berthoud – A juvenile female was suicidal and armed with a knife. The knife was forcefully removed, and she was transported to the hospital for a mental health hold.
Thursday, January 6

Third-Degree Trespass/Attempted Theft/Criminal Mischief: Canyonlands Street and Crossbill Drive – A white dually pickup cut a chain on a fuel pump and attempted to steal diesel fuel from the tank on the job site at this location. The suspect was unable to pump fuel due to the low temperatures. Currently waiting for security camera footage for further identification.

Unattended Death: Franklin Avenue – An elderly woman was found deceased in her bathroom. Nothing suspicious and the coroner responded.

Motor Vehicle Accident: U.S. Highway 287 and Berthoud Parkway – A male driver backed into another driver puncturing that driver’s front bumper with his trailer hitch.

Motor Vehicle Accident with Injuries: U.S. Highway 287 and West County Road 8 – A female driver ran a red light and collided with another vehicle. The at-fault driver was issued a summons.

Felony Menacing/Harassment: U.S. Highway 287 and Highway 56 – A male reported he was traveling northbound on U.S. Highway 287 when he was nearly run off the roadway by a minivan. At the stoplight at U.S. Highway 287 and Highway 56, the driver of the minivan rolled his window down and brandished a pistol, and asked him if he wanted to die. The male continued traveling northbound with the driver of the minivan following. Once at the intersection of Denver Avenue and Highway 34, the driver of the minivan exited his vehicle to confront the male again. At this time, he was confronted by deputies and taken into custody, and booked into the Larimer County Jail.

Fraud: East Highway 56 – A business notified deputies of a suspect who had hacked the rewards point system of their store and had used stolen points to make $35,454.00 in purchases at their store. At this time the suspect is unknown.

Friday, January 7

Warrant x3/Tampering with Physical Evidence/Obstruction/Felony Possession of Schedule II Controlled Substance/Possession of Schedule I Controlled Substance: West County Road 10E (Berthoud Reservoir) – A female was contacted at the Berthoud Reservoir Park for a warrant. She had a small lockbox on her person and the key on a necklace. Before deputies could remove the key, she ripped the necklace off in the back of the patrol car and hid the key to the lockbox. Deputies were able to enter the box, which revealed 1.7 grams of oxycontin, 2.76g grams of fentanyl, and 9 tabs of LSD. A male party was also contacted and arrested on warrants.

Motor Vehicle Accident: Nebraska Avenue and South Fifth Street – A vehicle was driving southbound on Fifth Street at Nebraska Avenue. The streets were packed with snow and ice from a recent snowstorm.  The driver applied the brakes and lost control of the vehicle, sliding into the back of an unoccupied vehicle.

Identity Theft: Kansas Avenue – A male reported that an unknown suspect attempted to open a bank account under his name.

Saturday, January 8

Check Fraud: East Nebraska Avenue – A female resident reported that a check was taken out of her mailbox, altered, and attempted to be cashed at a business in Lakewood, Colorado.

Sunday, January 9

Nothing of significance to note

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