Monday, Aug. 27

Suspicious circumstances: Mountain Avenue, a resident reported 19 gold coins are missing from his safety deposit box. Last time the coins were seen in his box was several years ago.

Criminal mischief: Third Street and Mountain Avenue, graffiti was located on the bus stop at this location.

Arson: Bunyan Avenue, two separate fires were started at the school and at a residence. Three kids identified for also smoking marijuana. Berthoud Fire Department and deputy are working on a fire diversion program for these kids.

Suspicious circumstance: Massachusetts Avenue, a mother reported her daughter made very threatening statements in her journal. SROs were involved and intervention is now in place.

Warrant arrest: Mountain Avenue, a juvenile decided on his own to get straight and turned himself in on four felony warrants. The first step of manhood is taking ownership in the things you do.

Aggravated motor vehicle theft: Franklin Avenue, a woman let her friend borrow her car. The friend is now telling her she is not returning her car. Car entered as stolen. Warrant for the woman forthcoming. And the friendship with the woman is also forthcoming.

Vehicle crash w/injury / careless driving resulting in injury: Seventh Street and Franklin Avenue, a 17-year-old driver failed to yield right-of-way at a stop sign and struck another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was transported to the hospital. The 17-year-old was issued a summons.

Tuesday, Aug. 28

Assault: Michigan Avenue, a woman was attacked from behind while jogging. She suffered minor injuries to her face and hands. Investigators working on leads.

Harassment: Second Street, a man was fired from his job. So he decided to send several people text messages that were not criminal in nature. But, he sent one message to a man that was threatening. Of course the man sent several messages back that were less than appropriate. I thought this only happens in grade school.

Wednesday, Aug. 29

Assault / domestic violence: Waterman Street, a woman called 9-1-1 to report her husband beat her up. She stated they got into a fight yesterday where he charged her and took her to the ground and began punching her. The man was taken into custody and booked.

Thursday, Aug. 30

Vehicle crash / property damage: Berthoud Parkway, a driver made an unsafe lane change striking the side of another vehicle. Summonsed.

Suicidal subject: Big Thunder Road, a man called/texted multiple people threatening to hurt himself and stated he already took pills. Through tenacious negotiations the man eventually walked out on his own and was transported to the hospital.

Vehicle crash / property damage: Highway 56 and Weld County Road (CR) 7, a driver was following too closely to another vehicle while it was turning south onto CR 7 and struck the rear of the vehicle. Cited.

Vehicle crash / property damage / hit and run: First Street and Mountain Avenue, an unknown driver struck the rear of another vehicle. When the hit-and-run driver learned she was calling law enforcement, he drove away.  Chicken!

Friday, Aug. 31

Missing adult: Iowa Avenue, a 40-year-old woman was reported by her family. The woman was entered as missing in the national database. As the deputy continued his patrol he located the woman on Mountain Avenue.

Saturday, Sept. 1

Assist to Colorado State Patrol (CSP) / motor vehicle crash / DUI:  CR 23and CR 6, deputies were requested by state patrol to respond to a rollover motor-vehicle crash. Upon arrival, and as deputies were walking toward the rolled vehicle, two males could be seen running from the area. Deputies were able to locate the males in a field and detained them. It was later learned there were four males in the vehicle. Extensive searches were completed to include foot and drone resources in hopes of finding the other two males, due to the nature / force of the rolled vehicle and injury concerns. They were not located; however, they all have been identified. This information shared with CSP, who took over call and handled the crash/ DUI.

Sunday, Sept. 2

Motor vehicle crash: First Street and CR 12, a driver was distracted by his cellphone and rear-ended another vehicle. The other vehicle was slowing down for a vehicle turning onto CR 12 in front of him. Cited for careless driving.

Found property: Curlew Drive, property was found in the Heron Pointe sub-division, possibly from a vehicle trespass. A red t-shirt, white Hydroflask, a camera, an old photograph, and a bottle of cologne were found and turned in. I suppose the person who stole the items took his picture in his new shirt while keeping hydrated and smelling good.

Code enforcement:

Animal problems – 10

Vehicle problems – 9

Other ordinance problems – 9