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Mural on Fourth Street

October 17, 2014 | Community News

By May Soricelli
The Surveyor

Volunteers turned a blank storage container into  a colorful mural for the Berthoud Habitat for Humanity on 4th Street in Berthoud.  Photo courtesy Meghan O'Brien Marks

Volunteers turned a blank storage container into a colorful mural for the Berthoud Habitat for Humanity on 4th Street in Berthoud.
Photo courtesy Meghan O’Brien Marks

A mural reflecting the Berthoud Habitat for Humanity’s (BHFH) charitable character was painted on the sides of a storage container that is used on-site for each of the homes that they construct for local families in need. Berthoud artists and students shared in the enjoyment of putting their creative stamp on this structure.

“Volunteers from Berthoud Arts and Humanities Alliance (B.A.H.A.), as well as students from Turner Middle School (TMS) and Berthoud High School (BHS), spent their Sunday together turning this blank canvas into a colorful mural that represents Berthoud Habitat for Humanity,” said Meghan O’Brien-Marks of Habitat for Humanity.

In the 2013-2014 grant cycle, the Berthoud Habitat applied for funding through the Northern Colorado Community Foundation, which promotes philanthropic vision to enhance local communities. BHFH was awarded grant money through the Berthoud chapter to bring in artists and supplies needed to initiate the project they called “Mural on Fourth.” The BHFH began contacting local artists and inquired about their availability to contribute to the artwork.

“We want to support local artists in this effort and allow them to be a part of this project,” said O’Brien-Marks.

Hab-mural-2According to O’Brien-Marks, the BHFH administrator, local artist Charlotte Zink was very interested in contributing. Zink’s contribution included the vision and colors that would be used to complete the east and west side of the container. She was given full creative liberty to capture what BHFH is all about. Her husband, Ben Zink of Berthoud’s Zink Metal Art, was also a part of the process. In collaboration with the art department at BHS and B.A.H.A., Charlotte Zink headed up the design and fabrication of the painting process to further the goals of B.A.H.A. which, according to the group’s website (, is “bringing art to the community, enriching our lives, making art the everyday experience, assisting local artists, and encouraging talent and growth in these areas.”

Located in the 1700 block of North Fourth Street in Berthoud, the storage container is a consistent fixture that is pulled in front of each new home that BHFH builds. Through word of mouth to enlist volunteers, eight people were involved in the first stage of the painting process, including students from TMS and BHS, who painted the container Oct. 5 with a mural representing BHFH. The third side was scheduled to be painted Oct. 15 between 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. and anyone is welcome to join.

“There was a lot of talent donated,” said O’Brien-Marks.

She stated that all supplies needed were purchased from ACE hardware in Berthoud to further support the community. Now that the project is nearly complete, the result is a colorful mural on Fourth Street.

”It’s putting Habitat out there in a beautiful way,” said O’Brien-Marks.

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