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Local business to buy breakfast for vets, active service members

November 10, 2016 | Local News

By Katie Harris
The Surveyor

Rex Suits, owner of Gopher Excavation in Berthoud, said taking care of the veterans and active- duty members who serve our country has always been near and dear to his heart.

In past years, he’s found ways to show his appreciation to the vets in his life, buying breakfast for friends and the two veteran employees on his eight-man crew, but this year he felt the pull to do more.

“Over the years, I’ve felt that this is a group of people who you just can’t thank enough,” said Suits. “They don’t say much, and they don’t always get a lot of appreciation, but they do so much.”

Suits approached Grandpa’s Cafe and offered to contribute $1,000 to buy breakfast for any veteran or active-duty military member who comes in to the restaurant on Veterans Day on Nov. 11.

“We’re a Berthoud company, and we wanted to use a local restaurant,” said Suits. “The veterans that work for me like to go to Grandpa’s to eat, and it seems to be a local hub for vets.”

Grandpa’s opens at 7 a.m. Friday for breakfast, and all current and past military members are welcome to stop in and enjoy breakfast on the house. Suits said free meals will be available until the $1,000 runs out.

“These are people who have given so much and ask for so little,” said Suits. “This is really a minute gesture for all they’ve given us. We just want to say thank you.”

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