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Larimer Humane Society: PETS OF THE WEEK

August 31, 2017 | Local News

Introducing the Shy Guys! This week all of our friends are a little bit timid in new situations, but don’t worry! They are very affectionate, happy animals who will thrive with a new family. Butch is a three-year-old male Queensland Heeler mix who’s looking to keep busy, Durga is a 10-year-old female black and white shorthaired cat searching for a friend, and Cloud is a two-month-old Californian rabbit.

First in line we have Butch! This busy bee is a Queensland Heeler mix, which means that he is going to want to be occupied most of the time. Walks, hikes, sports, and play are the way to go for this guy! Butch would be an excellent running or hiking buddy. His previous owners had him outside during the day and inside at night, so he is used to the outdoors and the comfortable family life! He is a little bit shy in new situations, but he is very friendly and would warm up quickly in a new home. He has never been around cats or other dogs. However, because Butch takes longer to become comfortable and adjust to new settings, and is an active dog, it is best that he does not go to a home with young children. Come pet Butch today; he can be adopted for $175!

Next up is Durga, a mellow 10-year-old shorthaired cat. She is quite the traveler, as she somehow found her way from Arizona to Colorado! However she got here, we’re glad she found her way to us… but we would all be overjoyed if she found her way to you! Durga is friendly and affectionate with people and also likes dogs, but we’re not sure if she likes other cats or not. In new situations, this feline friend can be skittish and shy, so it is best that she goes to a home without young children. Nevertheless, once she warms up to you and realizes she’s here to stay, Durga becomes quite the affectionate kitty! Visit her today; she can go home for $25!

Cloud is our final feature for this week; he is a two-month-old Californian rabbit who is soft and fluffy! Californian rabbits are characterized by a white coat that has spots, but no other colors. Rabbits often do very well as house pets! They can be litter box trained, they groom themselves, are very docile, and sometimes they can enjoy walking on a harness and leash. Californians in particular make nice pets due to their easy-going temperament. Cloud can be yours for $25! He is waiting to meet you!

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