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Larimer Humane Society: PETS OF THE WEEK

August 24, 2017 | Local News

Meet our Pets of the Week! This week we’re counting on someone to come meet Seven, our two-year-old Lab mix. We are also introducing Ruth, a kitty who has been here for a long time but would love to be with you for even longer, and we have Hawk, a rooster looking for an out of city limits adventure!

Seven is a two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix who would love to become your newest companion. This sweet girl is looking for a permanent family who will give her lots of love and attention. She is eager to please and loves to play. However, if Seven doesn’t get enough attention, she will go find it herself. She has previously escaped short fences when she wasn’t supervised. Often times escape is due to boredom, so supervising the dog while she is outside and providing plenty of stimulating toys should eradicate that behavior! Seven would love to follow you around all day; come say hi to her at the shelter today! Her adoption fee is $175.

Next in line we have Ruth; a 10-year-old sweetheart with a tortoiseshell-tiger pattern. Ruth has been in our care for two months, and we’re really not sure why! She is a shy sweetheart who enjoys the company of adult humans very much. Ruth can be skittish around children, and would do best in a family with children over 12 years old. Ruth also doesn’t mind dogs, but truly dislikes other cats, and should be the only cat being showered with love and affection in your home! She needs a little bit of extra patience, but she’ll soon make herself at home. This sweet senior kitty still has plenty of years left to live, and she could spend them with you! Ruth’s adoption fee has been sponsored, bring her home today!

Last, but certainly not least, is Hawk! Hawk is a seven-week-old rooster who would like to grow up big and strong with a family outside of city limits! Roosters can make good single pets, but will also do well with hens for companions. Chickens and roosters are intelligent birds that can bond with their people and enjoy their company. Since Hawk is young, he has plenty of love to give and life to live! His adoption fee has been sponsored.

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