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Church youth group seeks parents to sign up for Date Night list

May 23, 2019 | Local News

By Shelley Widhalm

The Surveyor

A local church youth group wants to get a list started of families looking for a place to bring the kids during Date Night.

The youth group at Berthoud First United Methodist Church, 820 Ninth St., has held four Date Nights so far, including two during this year’s and last year’s Valentine’s Days, Mother’s Day weekend this year, and a random night last fall.

“We try to offer something for the kids to do and also offer parents an opportunity to just go out,” said Ruben Carrillo, youth coordinator for Berthoud First United Methodist Church, adding the idea is to give parents an option to finding a babysitter.

Date Night serves as a fundraiser for the youth group by generating donations, bringing in $250 during the Mother’s Day event with an attendance of 30 children. The evening consists of outdoor and indoor games, a movie, crafts and snacks. The activities take place on the church grounds – such as Frisbee and ball sports – and in the basement.

“It’s whatever the kids want to do,” Carrillo said.

The youth group came up with the idea after thinking of a Valentine’s Day dinner, but realized it was too complicated to host, so the participants came up with a Date Night instead.

“We ended up offering to watch people’s kids if they want to go out to eat or to a movie for Valentine’s. That worked out well, so we kept doing it,” Carrillo said.

The youth group engages in other fundraisers, such as car washes and dinners, plus helps organize an Easter egg hunt at the church and hosts the Trunk-or-Treat event with hopes to make it an annual event. The group is involved in community events, too, such as Berthoud Day and A. Day of Kindness, and community volunteer projects like highway cleanups.

“We want people to know, hey, we’re here, and invite them to be part of what we’re doing,” Carrillo said. “We’re trying to be involved in an area where kids feel safe, a place where kids know where there is something going on.”

The group raises funds to help cover the cost of church mission trips and its other activities. The church’s next mission trip will be to Puerto Rico from June 17 to 24, and the group’s next fundraiser will be a gaga ball pit during Berthoud Day on June 1 in the children’s area of Berthoud Park.

For future Date Nights, the group is offering a list for parents to sign up for email notifications at [email protected]

“As a church, our mission statement is nurturing, sharing and serving through God’s love,” Carrillo said, adding the church holds events and lunches for community members to come by and see the church. “A big part of that is being involved throughout the community.”

The youth group, which has 10 members, meets after the regular church service every Sunday at about 11 a.m. The members participate in crafts, games and lessons about the Bible or season.

“It’s a youth group geared toward getting kids more involved in the church,” Carrillo said.

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