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November 27, 2019 | Local News

Monday, Nov. 18

Vehicle crash / Non-injury:  Mountain Avenue, two vehicle minor crash in the parking lot. No injuries both parties exchanged information. 

Assist to Longmont PD / Mental health: Fickel Park, a 39-year old man was called in by a friend that he was at a park in Berthoud. The man was contacted and distraught over a recent breakup.

Burglary/Theft:  Berthoud Parkway and County Road 14 (CR), a contractor reported approximately $4,704 in tools were stolen from an enclosed trailer. The lock was found cut and the door was open. This is a complex of apartments under construction.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

Vehicle crash / Non-injury: Highway 287 and CR 8, a driver rear ended another vehicle at this intersection. 

Trespass / Possible attempted burglary: Lene Lane, a resident’s mother emailed deputies with the Berthoud Squad stating an unknown male suspect attempted to enter this home from the backyard by pushing on a door, while the owner and his wife were inside getting things ready for the move in.

Suspicious circumstances: Mayo Court, a resident reported her son was on his way to school this morning at 8 a.m. and saw a man with an orange hoodie and blue jeans, looking into several backyards in this area. Orange and blue, we know this was not a Denver Bronco they could not have made this many yards.

Wednesday, Nov. 20

Suspicious circumstances: Spartan Avenue, two students reported to the School Resource Officer (SRO) they watched someone walking around the parking lot looking in cars. SRO located a 15-year old boy who was identified as the one looking in cars. He was found to have cigarettes on him and was issued a summons.

Stolen motorcycle: Massachusetts Avenue, a resident received a ticket in the mail from E-470 Enforcement. He contacted the enforcement people and they said they have a photograph of someone riding his motorcycle “flipping off the camera.”

Thursday, Nov. 21

Assist to CSP: Love’s Travel Center, a 46-year old Loveland woman was contacted by Colorado State Patrol (CSP) for walking on I-25 and given a ride to Love’s by Courtesy Patrol. The woman was advised to not walk on I-25. She has mental health issues and kept wanting to report a sexual assault back in 2014. After further investigation it was found to have already been reported with Wheat Ridge Police. The woman was given a ride back to Johnson’s Corner where she is currently staying with permission from the pastor. She was advised to contact Wheat Ridge Police if she had further information on her assault. 

Found property: Mountain Ave, a wallet, with cash was found by a customer in the parking lot and turned into the business here. It was logged at the Sheriff’s Office after contact with the owner was unsuccessful.

Harassment / Domestic violence: Fifth Street, a resident reported she has been receiving numerous text messages saying, “I hope you die while in the hospital,” from a former boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend was contacted and told to stop, at which point he turned his aggression and vulgarity towards the deputy. Further investigation will be conducted, and a warrant sought for the above charges. All he had to do was listen to the deputy but instead turned snarky so it will not work out in his favor. Deputies-1 / Snarky man-0

Theft: Second Street., a contractor reported that his generator was stolen from outside his trailer.

Friday, Nov. 22

Crashes: Berthoud, handled several slide offs and crashes due to the icy road and driving too fast. Did I mention driving too fast?

DUI: First Street / CR 12, a 35-year old woman was stopped for a traffic violation and found to intoxicated. Booked.

Saturday, Nov. 23

Family problems / Assault 3rd / Harassment / Trespass:  Greenwood Drive, a 15-year old boy shoved mom and hit stepfather and then trespassed into renter’s room. The boy was transported to HUB. Boulder County was also notified as they had pending charges for the boy from last week.

Sunday, Nov. 24

Due to early deadline for the Holiday there is no Sunday report. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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