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OPINION – Letter to Gov. Polis from Senator Woodward

June 03, 2020 | Local News

A message to the Governor calling for an end to the ‘Disaster Emergency Declaration’ from State Senator Rob Woodward.

Dear Governor Polis,

The Legislature allowed you significant leeway to respond to COVID-19. In March, you declared a Disaster Emergency that was supposed to last 30 days. You then renewed that declaration two more times through June 6. During that time, you have taken the liberty to assert many powers historically reserved to the legislature: amending and suspending statute, spending state money, and much more. Furthermore, some would argue that you have exceeded your executive authority and infringed upon the Liberties of the people of Colorado.

Your time is up.

Tuesday, I submitted a Joint Resolution that would terminate your Disaster Emergency Declaration.

Because you refuse to relinquish power on your own, this is the only path to bring an end to your overreach.
It is time for you to go back to acting like the Chief Executive, and it is time for the General Assembly to reclaim its role as the representative legislature of the people.

I understand that we have a long road ahead of us to get past our ongoing problems. But it is important that each branch of government limits itself to only those powers delegated by the People. Only then can we join together to address the health, economic, justice, and civil unrest plaguing our state.

Senator Rob Woodward
Colorado State Senate, District 15 Larimer County

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