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Weld County Commissioner Candidate profile: John Shull (Democrat) Weld County Commissioner District 1

June 18, 2020 | larimer-weld-news

By Dan Karpiel

The Surveyor

The Surveyor reached out to all 10 of the major-party candidates for Weld County Commissioner and all nine candidates for the open County Commissioner seats in Larimer County and prefaced four questions, outlined below. Due to space limitations in print and a desire to provide as much detailed information as possible to readers, the candidates’ responses to the questions will be posted verbatim here.

1. Can you please provide a brief history of your background, i.e. career/occupation, family, history in Colorado/Weld County, etc., just some basic get-to-know-you information for our readers.

My name is John Shull. I am running for the office of Weld County Commissioner District 1. I was born and raised in the Lakewood/Long Beach, Calif. area. Lakewood, Calif. was a post W.W. II city. It grew from farmlands, to a major city in a two-year period. I have seen how planning and consideration for the people’s needs can create a great community.

My career was decided early in life. In junior high school, I was bit by the acting bug. After college, I went on to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I have been a profession actor for over 40 years. Acting in musical theater, commercials, TV shows, movies, and theater. Playing characters from King Arthur to Star Trek Klingons.

During this time, I was also an entrepreneur. Opening throughout the year’s different businesses. I have had a yogurt/internet shop, spa and gazebo store and a fire extinguisher sales and servicing company. The last company was finally sold in January of 2019.

My wife and I moved to Greeley, Colo. almost three years to be with my daughter and her family. They moved here over four years ago and we missed them too much to stay in Southern California. Now we have three generations living in Greeley.

2. What prompted you to run for Weld County Commissioner District 1?

With three generations in the Greeley/Weld County area, I am concerned with the influence of special interest groups and companies over policy making and enforcement. Many County Commissioners have made some companies special interest a priority. This makes public health and safety issues secondary. This situation has also happened with the city council of Greeley. The Greeley/Weld County governing bodies have chosen to ignore laws that protect our clean air, water, and environment. This lack of action continues to lessen the quality of life for many citizens.

Recently, with Corivd-19, workers life’s and safety have been put at risk to add to corporate greed. I believe this practice must stop. We need to guarantee safety in the workplace and more living wage jobs.

I am not influenced by these companies. My campaign is not funded by these self interest groups and industries.

I can make decisions based on what is best for the people.

3. Can you please provide a brief outline of your political/ideological philosophy?

I believe elected officials should be responsible, thoughtful, competent leaders. That they must be answerable to their constituents. That they should not be controlled or owing to self-interest groups and corporations.

I believe government should work for the people and not just for well-connected and special interest.

I believe that every Coloradan should have access to affordable healthcare and that no one should go broke because they get sick.

I believe that everyone is entitled to clean air and water, and safe, livable communities.

I believe all children deserve a high-quality education, regardless of family income or their zip code.

I believe in managing our growth to maintain the Colorado way of life. That means modernizing our transportation, infrastructure, and our schools.

4. What are the major issue(s) on which you want to focus your campaign and potential service as Weld County Commissioner District 1?

Enforcing regulations regarding health and workplace safety. Especially during this pandemic. Re-opening without safety measures is putting profits over the value of workers and their families. If a company fails to use proper procedures to open their business than they must stop until they do.

The commissioners need to see that air and water quality regulations are enforced. Many companies are being allowed to pollute our air, water, and the environment without consequence. They simply get a slap on the hand. 

We must make sure are schools are offering high quality education regardless of family income or zip code.

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