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Wedding photographs lost after Berthoud ceremony

June 28, 2019 | Local News

By Amber McIver-Traywick

The Surveyor

A wedding in Berthoud earlier this month led to an unfortunate event when the memory card containing all but one of the professional photographer’s wedding photos was lost.

Now, Lenzi Holmes, a Texas-based photographer and friend of the new bride has sent out a plea on social media that has since gone viral, to the residents of Colorado to try and help find the missing card case.

On June 10, Holmes posted on Facebook, “This weekend was a beautiful trip to Colorado. But the worst of the worst nightmare came true. Somewhere between 8 a.m. Saturday morning and 5 p.m. that evening, my disk box of the wedding has gone missing.”

After the ceremony the couple headed up to Carter Lake to watch the sunset and get more photos. After the festivities, Holmes went back to Denver to the Hilton Denver City Center for the night. The next morning, believing the case was in her purse, she went sightseeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

She didn’t realize the case was missing until she arrived at Denver International Airport to fly home. Feeling panicked she left the airport, and her flight, to go search for the case herself to no avail.

The newlyweds, Kacie and Troy Sanford, who live in Thornton, were married at Brookside Garden’s in Berthoud. When Holmes contacted Kacie to break the bad news she said her response was “grace-filled” when Kacie reassured her friend they were, “just pictures” and that she still loved her.

In her post Holmes said she stopped briefly at several locations where the case could have wound up; including a Target in Boulder, Rocky Mountain National Park – Rainbow Curve Overlook parking lot, Glacier landscapes parking lot, the McDonald’s in Winter Park, Flying J gas station in Aurora, and finally, Payless car rentals near the airport.

Since the incident complete strangers have taken up the challenge to try and locate the case; Including a man named Carter Lemon who recently moved to Colorado from Texas where his girlfriend saw the photographer’s post about the missing case online. Holmes called him “…one of the kindest human beings on the face of the planet” after she was informed he searched for hours retracing her steps.

In a video post on her business’s Facebook page Holmes said she was, “Staying positive and praying, and if you have any leads or updates please let us know.” A $1500 reward for the return of the case has been offered with the reassurance the person can remain anonymous if they would like. If you have any leads or happen to find the case she can be reached at 940-372-2704 or at facebookcom/HGPhotography.

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