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Two new subdivisions approved

September 07, 2017 | Local News

Rudy Hemmann

The Surveyor

The Berthoud Planning Commission, at an Aug. 24, 2017, meeting, approved two minor subdivisions.

The first application for approval was for a property owned by Chris and Malgorzata Broussalian of Loveland, which is located at 969 Fourth St. (the southwest corner of the intersection of Capitol Avenue and Fourth Street).

According to a staff report provided by planning staff, the applicants propose to subdivide the existing 14,362 square foot lot into two smaller lots, one of approximately 8811 square feet (Lot 1) and the remainder, approximately 5561 square feet, comprising the newly-formed lot (Lot 2). A single-family home with detached garage and two sheds are currently on the property. If the application for subdivision is granted, the existing residence will meet the setback requirements. However, other outbuildings would need to be removed.

The applicants propose building a single-family residence on Lot 2. Access to Lot 2 would be through an existing alley west of, and adjacent to, the property. The staff report states, “No new curb cuts will be allowed.”

During a public comment portion of the meeting, one individual, Dustin Flanigan, who resides at 829 Sixth St., spoke. Basically, Flanigan questioned the appropriateness of allowing the minor subdivision. He noted the existing property is one of the more dilapidated properties in town, and he also questioned the Broussalian’s sincerity in bringing forward a quality product when Broussalian argued against putting a sidewalk across the northern side of Lot 2.

The commissioners discussed the application and agreed with planning staff that the minor subdivision could be approved with the following conditions:

  • No new curb cuts will be allowed – access to Lot 2 would be through the existing alley.
  • Removal of all outbuildings that exist on the property be completed before a Certificate of Occupancy would be issued for new construction on Lot 2.
  • A sidewalk be constructed along the north side of Lot 2.
  • All utility easements be identified.

A motion approving the minor subdivision with the above conditions was made, seconded and approved on a 5 to 1 vote with Commissioner Tim Hardy casting the lone “No” vote.

A second minor subdivision application was brought forward by Alex Hoime, owner/developer of the Berthoud Lake Enclave subdivision. He proposes subdividing a 55,338-square-foot lot to create a new lot of 10,713 square feet, leaving a remaining tract of 44,625 square feet. The Hoime residence is located on the remaining larger lot. The proposed lot would be added to the Berthoud Lake Enclave.

A drawing of Berthoud Lake Enclave with the proposed lot added indicates the new lot would be situated to the northeast of the cul-de-sac at the end of Cuda Court. The applicant proposes building a single-family residence on the new lot.

One citizen took the podium and asked a question concerning a general point of information of the developer.

A motion of approval for the Berthoud Lake Enclave Minor Subdivision was made, seconded and unanimously approved.

The planning commission has jurisdiction over minor subdivisions, and they are not brought before the town board for review.

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