Two new planning commission members selected by board

By Rudy Hemmann

The Surveyor

The following items were acted on by the trustees during the board meeting held Aug. 28, 2018.

The board conducted public interviews of three individuals who had applied to fill two slots on the Berthoud Planning Commission. The candidates interviewed were Patrick Dillon, Sean Murphy and Brian Riddle. During his interview Dillon admitted he had little knowledge regarding the position he had applied for, but he would devote a portion of his spare time to becoming acquainted with the issues he would be required to act upon. He stated he is an advocate for affordable housing.

Murphy stated he has degrees in architecture, landscape architecture and natural-resource management. He noted he and his family have been Berthoud residents for approximately five years. He informed the trustees he has used his natural-resource degree while working on projects in Boulder.

He went on to say he believes Berthoud to be at a turning point, and there is an opportunity to guide development without having onerous regulations.

He also noted the town has improved its planning process and communication is better than in the past, but there is room for improvement.

Riddle revealed he and his family moved to Berthoud 15 months ago from the Atlanta, Ga., area. He cited a desire to get out of the “rat-race” they found themselves in as the reason for coming to Berthoud.

Following questioning of each of the candidates by the trustees, Town Clerk Christian Samora instructed the trustees to each mark a ballot with the two candidates they think would best fill the available planning commission seats. The top two individuals were Dillon and Murphy.

The trustees were treated to a presentation by Larimer County Commissioner Tom Donnelly during which he presented each of them with a copy of the 2017 – 2018 Larimer County Community Report. Donnelly said the commissioners had decided four years ago to publish a report which would outline many of the services available through the county.

The trustees approved, without comment, a resolution allowing Berthoud voters to consider a ballot question concerning whether the town of Berthoud shall be authorized to annex a parcel of land which lies outside the western boundary of the 2012 growth management area.

Two items were submitted by town staff for first reading:

The first being a measure to regulate junk and abandoned vehicles and another to regulate in public places.

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