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Town of Berthoud enters into an agreement with Larimer Humane Society

By: Rudy Hemmann | The Surveyor | April 01, 2022 | Local News

At last week’s Coffee with a Cop Sergeant Jim Anderson introduced Joe Quinn, a sergeant with the Animal Protection and Control division of the Larimer Humane Society, to the audience. Quinn is one of the officials charged with responding to stray and/or nuisance animals. He spoke briefly and answered a few questions from the audience.

Anderson explained, the deputies who are charged with patrolling Berthoud’s streets, and generally keeping the peace within the town, are not trained or equipped to handle roaming dogs or cats.

Anderson related that the town had been interested in having Larimer Human Society provide the animal control duties for Berthoud, but the cost was prohibitive. When Timnath entered the picture and expressed interest in partnering with Berthoud it enabled both communities to benefit from the service.

According to the Intergovernmental Agreement entered into by Berthoud and Timnath, other than the usual animal control services to be provided by the Humane Society it will also include care, sheltering, impound, lost and found, licensing and kenneling.

Again, according to the agreement, compensation to the Humane Society for the above will be split between the communities per the following annual schedule: Berthoud’s share of $34,746.04 and Timnath’s share of $34,504.04 would encompass the total of $69,250.08 charged by the organization.

A welcoming statement from the town states, “The town welcomes Larimer Humane to the community and looks forward to building a strong relationship with the Humane Society to better serve the citizens of Berthoud.”

File Department News.

Steve Charles, Chief of the Berthoud Fire Protection District (BFPD) reported the BFPD is actively seeking property on the northwest edge of town on which to place a satellite fire station. He reported that the BFPD has been in touch with several developers and completed a “fire station deployment analysis” which considers the housing density, commercial property density, the number of fire hydrants in the area and other factors. Charles stated that BFPD was also looking for suitable property east of town which would serve the Serenity Ridge subdivision as well as the Love’s travel stop facility. He indicated the structure east of town would be a metal building that would not be staffed, but rather used to house equipment including fire trucks.

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