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Town board approves Harvest Ridge preliminary plat

March 14, 2019 | Local News

By Rudy Hemmann

The Surveyor

During a regular business meeting held on Tuesday evening the Berthoud Board of Trustees approved the Preliminary Plat (PP) proposal brought before the board by the applicant, Alex Hoime, acting as the agent for HT Land Partners and Arthur Johnson, for their Harvest Ridge development.

According to the staff report provided, the Harvest Ridge project was formerly named Arbor Ridge, and was annexed into the town in early 2018. It was given R-1 (Single Family Residential) zoning at the time of the annexation. The property, which is located immediately west of Berthoud Parkway (Larimer County Road 17) and directly south of the Ludlow Farms property, totals approximately 39.25 acres.

The proposal, by Hoime, is for 30 single-family estate size lots on 12.943 acres. The PP presented is for Phase I of the project and indicates lot sizes from slightly under 1/4 acre to over 1/3 acre.

A residence, some outbuildings, and grove of trees located generally to the southeast of Phase I will remain for the time being, but plans are in place to develop this portion of the property in a future phase.

The town’s community development director, Curt Freese, introduced the item to the board. He noted at the time of the Arbor Ridge annexation the following conditions and recommendations were placed on the property:

*Consider a buffer (with fencing or wall) along Berthoud Parkway, with a trail.

*Consider R-2 or similar zoning for lots along Berthoud Parkway.

*Strong consideration be given to providing an easement for an irrigation line to property to the south. Hoime stated the issue of the irrigation easement would be resolved at the proper time in the project when the irrigation ditch would be buried.

*Consider view corridors and sidewalks/pedestrian walkways to integrate with regional trails when designing layout.

*Consider options for straightening east/west streets to allow for future connectivity.

Following Freese’s presentation, Hoime stood at the podium and gave a brief presentation during which he noted all the above considerations had been met in the view of the developer.

Mayor Will Karspeck opened a public hearing on the item. One resident took the opportunity to speak about north/south street connectivity throughout Berthoud.

Board discussion centered on a community park for the development with Hoime suggesting a park would be in a future phase of the development. There was also discussion regarding the applicants wish to use colored vinyl fencing along the buffer to Berthoud Parkway.

A motion to approve Harvest Ridge Phase I PP with the following recommendations/conditions:

*Any future phases require the trail connection along the existing farmhouse property be completed;

*The recommendation of wood-grain vinyl fencing along Berthoud Parkway;

*Approve the new road layout which eliminates the cul-de-sac; was made, seconded and approved unanimously.

The board took no action concerning an amendment to an agreement between the town and Heron Lakes Investments, LLC for a three-month extension for payment of cash in lieu of water dedication. The trustees wished to hear from the developer on the issue.

The trustees unanimously approved the adoption of a newly revised employee handbook.

The trustees heard a presentation from Jinger Tomassi, manager of the Berthoud office of the House of Neighborly Services. Tomassi made a request to the board for use of BATS busses for transportation to Loveland one day a month to make use of House of Neighborly Services clothing boutique in Loveland.

The trustees agreed this would be a very worthwhile partnership for the town to be involved in. The board directed staff to work with Tomassi to establish an agreement between the town and House of Neighborly Services.

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