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Timeline of events presented in the Tanner Flores murder trial

October 04, 2017 | Local News

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Tanner Flores, 19, of Berthoud has been convicted of first-degree murder and second-degree kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend Ashley Doolittle, 18, in June of 2016. The trial lasted 6 days and a vast amount of evidence and multiple witnesses brought into focus the events leading up to the murder and the direct aftermath. Below is a summary of what was presented.

Saturday June 4 – Doolittle and Flores go on a hike together near Estes Park to discuss their relationship. Flores said he thought things were good between the two of them at this point.

Sunday June 5 – Flores and Doolittle arrive separately at the Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon in Fort Collins, Doolittle appeared to not want to talk to Flores and one witness testified he grabbed her at one point and spun her around attempting to have a conversation. Doolittle left without speaking to Flores.

Monday June 6 – Doolittle communicated to Flores she had ended the relationship and the two met up at Lon Hagler to discuss why. By the end of the conversation Flores was under the impression they had reconciled and were still together. The two then went together to move hay for his grandfather.

Tuesday June 7 – Doolittle plans to go with friends to the Sundance again but tells Flores she doesn’t want him to come. Flores contacts Doolittle later that night claiming he has locked his keys in his truck and needs her to come get him which she ignores.

Wednesday June 8 – Doolittle agrees to help Flores take a load of scrap metal to sell. Later that afternoon Flores goes through Doolittle’s phone finding text messages between she and two other males which he feels are flirtatious and indicates to him she has essentially cheated on him in the previous days. Flores contacts both of the men. Doolittle is allegedly angry about this contact, calls Flores and ends the relationship again. Flores goes to Doolittle’s home to retrieve his belongings and jewelry he had purchased for her.

Thursday June 9Morning: Flores and Doolittle communicate about meeting, Flores is persistent in his texts confirming and reconfirming when she is to meet him at 9 a.m. Doolittle has to cancel to attend a rodeo royalty event. The two agree to meet later in the day. Flores takes his father’s pistol and testified he went shooting near Carter Lake that morning, the exact time he was there shooting is never confirmed. The prosecution argued he only shot one round to make sure the gun worked properly, the defense said he shot 7 rounds emptying the gun once, reloading, and shooting one more time explaining why there were 4 rounds fired when the gun was found, Doolittle having been shot by the other three bullets.

Thursday Afternoon: The gun remains in the back seat of Flores’ truck despite him going back home shortly after. Doolittle runs errands to a tire shop and bank in Loveland while Flores continues to communicate with her that they are going to meet. Shortly after, Flores meets Doolittle at the parking area by Lon Hagler Reservoir. The two reportedly discuss the breakup. Flores drives Doolittle to Carter Lake. On the way back Flores asks what he can do to get back together with her, she tries to get out of the truck and Flores drives off preventing her from doing so. Flores then testified that Doolittle gave him a look of disgust and turned away from him inside the truck. The two were on County Road 21 between County Road 8 and 8E. Flores said he then reached behind the seat grabbed the gun and shot her in the head. When she didn’t immediately die he shot twice more. Flores then sent a text message from Doolittle’s phone to his own saying that she wasn’t going to meet with him.

Thursday Evening: Both Flores and Doolittle’s parents report them missing and the investigation begins. After the shooting Flores covers Doolittle’s body with a blanket, still in the front seat of his truck, and drives to his deceased great-grandfathers property 40 miles from Grand Junction in Collbran, Colo. Along the way Flores threw both phones out the window of the truck. Flores arrived at his great-grandfather’s property around 10 p.m. breaking the glass out of the back door to gain entry, eventually bringing Doolittle’s body inside the house. He then attempts to clean the blood off of her face and body, wash her blood soaked clothes and puts them back on her. Flores testified he spent the rest of the evening watching cartoons on tv and slept in a chair.

Friday June 10Early morning: Suzanne White, Flores’ grandmother contacts Samantha White (no relation) to see if Flores’ white truck is at his deceased great-grandfathers property as she and her family lived next door. White confirms she sees the truck and the authorities are notified. Michael Blanck a Colorado Parks and Wildlife district wildlife manager is asked to begin surveillance of the property Flores is at. He and White view Flores throw two blood soaked rags out into a field near the house and take a rolled up mat, later identified as the mat Flores laid Doolittle’s body on inside the home, to a wood pile behind the house. They then witness him move Doolittle’s body from the house, heaving her blanket wrapped body into the backseat of his truck.

Late morning: Police and SWAT team arrive at the property and contact Flores inside the house over a PA system. Flores exits the house, is compliant, and is taken in to custody. The investigation begins at the scene.

Afternoon/Evening: Flores is questioned by investigator Danny Norris and Larimer County Sheriff’s Office investigator Drew Weber. Flores initially claims Doolittle was shot accidentally – later recanting and admitting to shooting her.




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