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August 09, 2018 | Local News

Photo by Erni Davis – Laura Davis had just crossed Mountain Ave. on Fourth Street at 3:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon in her 2012 Ford Fiesta when a wind gust blew a large branch off an old ash tree on Fourth Street by Bank of the West, onto her car, trapping the car and stalling the engine. Luckily the car was able to hold the weight of the branch and she was able to exit the car unassisted. No air bags were deployed. It took nearly two hours for Berthoud Fire to saw up the large branch and free the car, which sustained major damage. Davis is a member of Berthoud’s tree committee and wants everyone to remember to treat their ash trees for emerald ash borer. Thanks to Berthoud Fire Department, Thompson Valley EMS, and Larimer County Sheriff Office.

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