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Thompson School District, community mourns Steven Towne

February 02, 2015 | Education

By Surveyor Staff

Thompson School District Chief Financial Officer Stephen Towne. Photo courtesy of TVSD / The Surveyor

Thompson School District Chief Financial Officer Steven Towne.
Photo courtesy of TVSD / The Surveyor

Thompson School District’s Chief Financial Officer, Steven Towne, passed away after sustaining injuries from a car accident early Friday morning in Fort Collins.

According to a press release from the district, staff and board members were extremely shocked and saddened by the news.

“I was incredibly devastated when I heard the new this morning,” said School Board President Bob Kerrigan.

Kerrigan said that Towne was an honorable person who was full of integrity and was an outstanding district leader.

“Steve was a constant on this board; he was always there for me when I needed him and he taught me so much about school finance and how it all relates to the district,” Kerrigan said.

“He will be greatly missed,” Kerrigan added.

Thompson School District Superintendent Stan Scheer said that Towne embodied everything that the school district stood for and was a well respected district representative who understood the importance of his position.

“His sense of caring was demonstrated in constantly challenging his own conclusions, because he knew how important the work he was doing was to everybody in the school district,” Scheer said. “I know that he carried that with him as a huge responsibility to do all that he could to find the best solutions possible to some very difficult challenges.

“He has left a hole in this community that cannot truly be replaced,” Scheer added.

Out of respect for Towne’s family, co-workers and the community, all Board of Education activities have been postponed until the board’s regular business meeting on Feb. 18.


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