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This too will pass

March 20, 2020 | Local News

By Becky Hemmann

The Surveyor

I looked out the window this morning at my garden and guess what – there were two beautiful little daffodil blooms. It warmed my heart and gave me great hope that this too will pass, the pandemic.

I’m worrying, which I normally don’t do because many people are being taken advantage of during this pandemic. For our elderly readers, please don’t respond to any phone calls requesting money or personal information. If you have any questions about services within the town limits call town hall at 970-532-2643 or go to the website For Larimer County questions call 970-498-7000 or Do not respond to phone calls that say it’s the IRS or any government agencies.

The Surveyor office will remain open, our hours will be limited to 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you have any information to share with our readers, or ideas for stories, please call 970-532-2252 or email [email protected]. This includes services your business or organization are providing during this season, we want to let people know what you have to offer. Also, please let us know about business closures, canceled events and canceled scheduled meetings.

We will be posting press releases from the state and county on our Facebook page as soon as we receive them.

Berthoud is such a giving community and many people are working to help those in need. Ways to help are to give to Berthoud House of Neighborly Service, 375 Meadowlark Dr., 970-532-0161. Another idea, since many are working from home or staying home, would be to do your spring cleaning now and start clearing out closets and getting rid of extra stuff! The Habitat ReStore would love to have more donations during this stressful time.

Because of space constraints, letters to the editor submitted this week will be published on our website,

We want to help in any way we can so be sure to let us know what we can do, if we can’t get it done, we will find someone who will.

Take care, be Berthoud! We can do this!

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