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OURVOICE: In reference to the political cartoon the Surveyor published in last week’s edition: This cartoon portrayed an incredibly charged topic in the media and, although the vast majority of… Read more »


To the editor: I was very disappointed to see the actions of the board of trustees regarding the appointment made to the trustee vacancy that came open because of Mayor… Read more »

Colorado Journalism Week April 16-22

By Lisa Schlichtman The Surveyor – Guest Columnist To anyone who follows the news, it would appear the industry itself is under attack. Whether claims of “fake news” leveled by… Read more »

OURVOICE – Elections Matter

Colorado laws concerning open meetings TITLE 24 – ARTICLE 6 – Colorado Sunshine Law 24-6-402. Meetings – open to public – definitions (2) (a) All meetings of two or more… Read more »

OPINION – Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I have known Jeff for many years, and he has been an advocate for some of the most important resources we have – our working farms and… Read more »

Opinion – How do you spell dysfunction? Congress!

How do you spell dysfunction? Congress! We can’t help but wonder why the congressmen and women even bother to show up. They already know how they will vote, they have… Read more »