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Sheriff Smith appointed to state board

August 31, 2018 | Local News

Special to the Surveyor

Last week Governor Hickenlooper issued an executive order appointing Sheriff Justin Smith to the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Smith’s appointment took effect Aug. 21 and will run through June 30, 2021.

The POST Board was created in 1993 through legislation and establishes certification and training requirements for law enforcement agencies and officers. The board is made up of law enforcement officials of varying ranks and community members. It is responsible for ensuring all law enforcement officers comply with all legislatively and POST Board mandated training requirements. The board also assists agencies and officers in finding training, purchasing equipment necessary for training, hosting training, and funding training. The mission of Colorado POST is to establish and maintain standards for peace officer training and certification that are relevant, realistic, and responsive to our ever-changing world.

Smith said, “Training and standards are paramount to law enforcement professionals and have always played a vital role in the continual development of the men and women of LCSO. I am honored to be part of the POST Board to help ensure that all Colorado peace officers receive the training they need to keep them and their communities safe.”

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