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Serving Berthoud – Librarian seeking to inspire a love of reading in her patrons

July 26, 2020 | Local News

By Katie Harris

The Surveyor

For Berthoud Community Library District’s Youth Instructor and Research Librarian Christy Headrick, it’s all about making connections—connections with kids, connections with the community and connections with books.

“I’ve always liked connecting people with the right books,” said Headrick, when asked what inspired her to become a librarian. “I love the fact that in my position as a public librarian I don’t have to force anyone to read anything; they tell me what they’re interested in and I help them find a book they’ll like.”

Photo by Katie Harris – Christy Headrick the youth instructor at the Berthoud Community Library reads to children during Storytime.

The Colorado native earned her master’s degree in librarian information science before working for the Erie branch of High Plains Library District and the Adams County Book Mobile. She joined the staff at the Berthoud library in 2011, where her duties include developing and implementing programs for kids of all ages.

“For as long as I’ve been working in libraries I’ve been working with kids,” said Headrick. “I worked with kids on the bookmobile a good portion of the time, visiting different schools throughout the week.”

The mother of two boys, now 16 and 22 years old, said connecting with kids has always been the best part of her job.

“It never ceases to amaze me the cognitive leaps, understanding and sociability changes kids go through from baby to toddler to preschool age and up,” she said. “It’s fascinating to watch this happen again and again and again.”

Though they attract some of the smallest crowds, Headrick said her movement story times, which currently take place Saturday mornings, are some of the closest to her heart.

“Having a son on the autism spectrum, I know that some kids understand a lot easier when they’re moving their bodies,” she explained. “It’s exciting to me to be able to offer that.”

One of the highlights of Headrick’s career was having one of her first storytime babies, now an upper elementary student, visit storytime last summer to read to the newest generation of babies.

Headrick also enjoys having the opportunity to work with teens during the summer when school’s out. Puzzle rooms are amongst her favorite youth programs to create and run.

While the connection she makes with kids through her job is motivation enough, Headrick’s received plenty of tangible positive feedback over the years as well.

“I have kids who like to bake with Grandma and bring me whatever they’re baking; I had one little boy that used to bring me apples like a teacher; and of course, there are all of the dandelion bouquets I get,” she said affectionately.

Perhaps the sweetest praise she received was from a mother who said her young daughter insisted she read just like “Ms. Christy” at all times, including sitting and holding the book just so.

With Berthoud’s population currently booming, Headrick said she’s looking forward to connecting with all the new families moving to town. She hopes a measure for a new library building, slated to appear on the upcoming ballot, will be well received by the community so that the library can offer even more resources to the public.

“My personal philosophy is that all people are readers, they just have to find the right book,” she said. “Whether it’s an audiobook or having someone read to you, there’s a story for everyone. People who think they don’t like to read just haven’t found theirs yet.”

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