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Remember Dad on his day

June 14, 2018 | Local News

By Bob McDonnell

The Surveyor

Mother’s Day has come and gone. Now it’s time to turn our attention to the fathers of the world on their day, Sunday, June 17.

Let’s get dad’s attention right away with one word — bacon. The website sells a bacon-flavored lip balm. For only $3.95, you can have Dad tasting bacon all day from a two-and-one-half inch tube of moisturizing goodness.

If that’s not enough bacon scent, he might like bacon-scented shaving cream. That way, everyone — even the family dog — can be driven crazy by the pork smell. Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, the inventors of this product, say it’s for all skin types. They claim it uses “advanced heat-activated aromatic technology” to keep the smell of bacon in the air for hours. You will find this wonderful product at for only $14.95.

Many dads are probably into Star Wars. If so, this next gift is what they may be wanting. It’s a Star Wars family car decal set. You know, like those little stick figure families many people put in the back window of their car.

The set consists of 50 decals with 19 distinct characters. sells these sets, and you may choose from storm trooper family or Jedi family. May the force be with your automobile. Maybe Dad is more of a comic-book guy. Well, he can be that comic-book hero as he barbeques in the back yard with some new aprons. These aprons are printed with color images of the bodies of the Green Lantern, Iron Man or Spider Man. When dad dons this apron it looks like he is the super hero. The aprons are 100 percent cotton, machine-washable, and one size fits all. Find them at for $24.95.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the aprons have a pocket. Dad will just have to keep this next gift idea tucked in his belt. It’s a condiment (as in ketchup and mustard) gun. This plastic “weapon” has two interchangeable cartridges. These cartridges are actually smaller versions of the traditional red or yellow squeeze bottles in which many people keep their condiments. What could be better than squeezing the trigger a few times to coat a hamburger in ketchup or mustard?

I bet Dad has a laptop computer, and sometimes he would enjoy a cold beverage as he types away on the keyboard. Well, he can have that refreshing beverage without even leaving his desk. How you ask? With a min-fridge cooler with a USB plug in — no batteries required.

This little red and white container looks like a refrigerator but is sized to fit one can of soda. That way it will not take up too much space on the desk. The price of convenience is high, though. It will set you back about $50 for this little gem on eBay or Amazon. 

Don’t forget to give Dad his due on his special day. In June 2016, Sean Graw points out on that the National Retail Federation expected Father’s Day spending to reach a record $143.3 billion. Not too shabby, but Graw says Mother’s Day racked up $21.4 billion in sales. No matter what you spend, do it with love.



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