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PoliceFiles – November 23, 2022

The Surveyor | November 23, 2022 | Local News

Monday, November 14

Vehicle Theft:  Elm St., an unknown suspect(s) stole a 1999 Chevy S10 from the street while the engine was running to warm up the truck. There was no suspect information and Deputies could not locate the vehicle. Ring Video footage showed a blue compact sedan with a black front driver-side wheel and a silver rear driver-side wheel that may have been an accomplice.

Criminal Tampering / Harassment / Domestic Violence: Canyonlands, a couple recently ended their relationship, and she moved out with the children. He has repeatedly called and messaged her and her family members, some of which at inconvenient hours. He also gained access to her phone account, changed her password to access her voicemail as well as used her Facebook account to send messages to her friends and family. He was only able to be contacted by phone, he refused to meet in person. He was told a warrant was being issued for his arrest. How can someone do all that to another’s computer when I can’t even remember my own passwords.

Tuesday, November 15

Theft:  Mt Meeker Ave, a resident had an air compressor and multiple tools stolen from his open garage. Working on getting video footage from neighbors.

Traffic Related:  Hwy 287 & CR 2E, BER – A yellow sport bike with green under glow failed to yield for a traffic stop after being observed traveling at 125 MPH. No pursuit was initiated. A motorcycle going 125 mph is what we call the next organ donor.

Shooting:  35th Street SW, two men were involved in a verbal altercation. One man pointed a revolver at the other and the two wrestled over the gun until one man was shot in the foot. I’m going out on a limb here, but I will bet alcohol was involved.

Felony Warrant:  700 Blk 7th Street, a 56-year-old man was contacted and found to have a felony warrant. Booked

Wednesday, November 16

Sex Offense:  3800 E Hwy 56, Mead PD contacted us regarding a possible sex assault that occurred at our Love’s. Contacted the female victim and minimal facts interview completed. Suspect is currently in Weld County Jail for unrelated DV charges. Investigations Notified.

Warrant Arrest / Flock:  Grand Market Avenue, a license plate reader alerted to a vehicle associated with a man who had warrants. Contacted at the Taco Bell that’s under construction. Booked.

Thursday, November 17

Vehicle Crash with Injury: Hwy 287 & Berthoud Parkway, a driver failed to yield the right of way on a double yellow turn and struck another vehicle with the driver sustaining a possible spine injury. Passenger in the 1st vehicle suffered a concussion and the driver suffered broken ribs. 1st driver issued a summons.

Theft:  I-25 & Hwy 56, a citizen called to report that BERT, his 12ft steel Camel, was stolen from I-25/Hwy 56. The camel had stood just south of the Love’s near the billboard for the last 30 years. Possible suspect and intel show that the camel is being stashed in another part of Colorado. Follow up to be conducted. I’m confident we will get this case solved on Wednesday, wait for it, “Hump Day.”  You had to have seen that coming.

Friday, November 18

Warrant Arrest:  3800 E Hwy 56, a 39-year-old Casper, Wyoming woman was contacted and found to have a warrant for her arrest. Booked.

Saturday, November 19

Warrant Arrest:  CR 2E & River Glen Drive, a 21-year-old Berthoud man was contacted for a traffic violation and found to have a warrant for his arrest. Booked.

Recovered Stolen Vehicle:  Elm Drive, Broomfield PD recovered the stolen vehicle from Elm Drive, and arrested a 27-year-old Frederick, Colorado man.

Sunday, November 20

Warrants / Possession of Fentanyl / Paraphernalia:  3800 E Hwy 56, a vehicle was located associated with a man who had active warrants. Upon contact a man and woman were found sleeping in the vehicle with paraphernalia in plain view. Search led to discovery of the woman being in possession of 6 Fentanyl pills. The man was booked for warrants. The woman booked the Fentanyl.

Officer Involved Shooting / Pursuit:  Starting at Hwy 56 & I-25, an LCSO deputy attempted a traffic stop of a vehicle near Highway 56 and Interstate 25. The vehicle did not stop and fled northbound on Interstate 25. The vehicle eventually exited at Crossroads Boulevard and drove eastbound. A deputy successfully executed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT Maneuver) near Crossroads Boulevard and Centerra Parkway causing the suspect vehicle to stop. The adult male and sole occupant of the vehicle was armed with a rifle and deputies fired their weapons at him.  The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene.  No deputies were injured but please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.


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