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PoliceFiles – March 24, 2022

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Monday, March 14

Fraud: Third Street – A male paid $1,000 for puppies via Cash App. The address given for pick up was a different address in Berthoud. The homeowner at that address later called due to several upset people showing up for puppies.

Unattended Death: Harding Park Court – A male was found deceased after a welfare check was requested. Nothing suspicious, and the male had a history of medical issues.

Violation of a Protection Order: Urban Place – A male continued to contact a female listed in a Protection Order. A warrant is forthcoming.

Theft: North Berthoud Parkway – A victim had $270 stolen from her belongings while she was at the pool at the Recreation Center.  No suspect information.


Tuesday, March 15

Assist to EMS: West County Road 4- A male called EMS because he wanted to go to the hospital for complications from foot surgery earlier that day.  EMS would not respond to the residence without law enforcement cover, which made the male more agitated waiting for EMS. When EMS responded in with deputies, the male climbed into the ambulance himself but was excessive with his insults at deputies and also at Berthoud Fire.  This guy calls for help and when help arrives he curses at them.  Am I missing something?

Crimes Against At-Risk Adult/Third-Degree Assault:  Auklet Drive – An elderly male was repeatedly punched in the head by his son. The suspect fled the scene before deputies arrival.

Wednesday, March 16

Returned Runaway Juvenile: Berthoud – A juvenile was located in Berthoud after being reported as a runaway from Lafayette. He was returned to his mother at town hall after some family counseling.

Theft:  Second Street – Staff from a local business reported a catalytic converter was cut off of a truck parked on the business lot during the evening hours around 6 p.m.

Warrant Arrest:  Second Street – A male was contacted while deputies were investigating a disturbance and he was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Family Problems/Detox Hold: Southeast Fourth Street – An adult female was intoxicated at her parent’s home and became physically aggressive with her mother, pushing and slapping her. She is visiting from out of state and is not welcome back at her parent’s home unless she is sober. She was involuntarily transported to the hospital.

Thursday, March 17

Shoplifting: East Highway 56 – A 6’5 male with a tattoo on his left hand and long black ponytail shoplifted items under $50 from a local business. He left in a 2002-2008 White Honda Accord with a black bug guard on the hood/bumper area. The vehicle had fictitious Wyoming plates on it.

Motor Vehicle Accident: West County Road 8 and North U.S. Highway 287 – A vehicle ran a red light, causing a three-car collision. All vehicles had to be towed, nobody was injured. There were 3 young children in these vehicles and they were properly seated and none of them got hurt.  One 5-year-old girl said about the other driver, “they must be having a bad day.  Maybe I should talk to them about Jesus.” Out of the mouth of babes.

Friday, March 18

Theft: Seventh Street – A male driver was contacted for no visible license plate. It was discovered that his valid temporary permit was stolen off the vehicle overnight while the vehicle was parked in front of his residence. Well, it was only on his vehicle temporarily.

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accident:  Capital Avenue – A resident reported someone hit his vehicle during the night. A witness was located who stated they saw a silver Toyota FJ Cruiser hit the vehicle and flee. Should have been called in by the witness when it happened.

Unattended Death: Berthoud – Deputies responded to an assist to medical where a six-week-old was pronounced dead. Investigations, Coroner, Victim Response Team responded. The death appeared to be due to natural causes.  Thoughts and prayers are needed for this family.  A very sad day indeed.

Saturday, March 19

Trespass/Criminal Mischief:  Michigan Avenue – A male was heavily intoxicated and mistook the wrong address for his own. The male entered the residence through an unsecured basement window. After he was medically cleared, he was booked in at the Larimer County Jail.  Oops, wrong house, my bad.  don’t get up, I will see myself out.  He eventually went to the right house, the big house.

Possession of Controlled Substances – Schedule I and II/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Eighth Street and Winding Brook Drive – A male was contacted in a vehicle who was asleep at the wheel. A search revealed a user amount of methamphetamine in addition to other prescription medication he did not have a prescription for and 3 methamphetamine pipes. The male was issued a summons and released on the scene.

Mental Health Hold: Berthoud – A juvenile female made actions towards committing suicide but was stopped by family. She was transported to the hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Theft: West County Road 14 – A female called to report her rear license plate was stolen off her vehicle.

Theft:  Hammond Court – A homemade dump trailer was stolen off private property. The trailer was painted gray with a red hydraulic cylinder on the front.

Sunday, March 20

Criminal Mischief:  Franklin Avenue – A male reported that a fellow resident of the facility threatened to shoot up the facility. Upon contact, the male claimed to be unable to hear. He later denied having made any threats and was advised that future threats may result in arrest. Staff and residents were advised to report further incidents.

Recovered Stolen License Plate: Douglas Place, – A stolen license plate was located on a trailer in front of this residence. The trailer did not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the license plate was removed. The owner was contacted and advised he was unaware the plate was stolen.

Unattended Death Seventh Street – A male was found deceased in his home during a welfare check. Nothing suspicious was noted and the male had an extensive medical history.

RECEIVE EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS ON YOUR CELL PHONE. Please follow this link ( and register to get emergency notifications on your cell phone. Reverse 911 does not work on cell phones, only landlines.  Berthoud has the lowest registered numbers in Larimer County.  If something happens as it did in Boulder County we want to be able to notify you quickly.

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