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PoliceFiles – June 23, 2022

The Surveyor | June 23, 2022 | Local News

Monday, June 13

Criminal Mischief: Rivergate Way – A construction company reported that a BB gun had shot out seven windows at two addresses. The incident possibly occurred sometime over the weekend. A black scope was left and was collected as evidence.

Motor Vehicle Accident: North Highway 287 & County Road 8 – A female reported on Saturday a male had collided into the back of her with his motorcycle while she was stopped at the stop light.

Motor Vehicle Accident: North Highway 287 – A male fell asleep and rolled his truck. Issued a summons for no insurance.

Juvenile Problems/Found Property: Berthoud – Three juveniles were all at the skate park. After contact, one juvenile was found to have an e-cigarette. A box containing multiple e-cigarette cartridges was on the table as well, yet no one claimed it. The juvenile with the e-cigarette was released to his mother.

Missing Runaway: Berthoud – Juvenile was last seen on 061022 when he left his home after being grounded by his mother. Last seen wearing black gym shorts, a black T-shirt, silver prescription glasses, and a gold necklace.  No medical concerns, no cellphone to contact with.  Entered as a missing runaway.  When I was grounded I couldn’t leave the house, well how times have changed.

Theft:  Mountain Avenue – A White, 40-50 year male with long, greasy hair, took about $10 out of the tip jar from a local business after paying for his meal. He drove away in a late model, white Chevy pickup. Waiting on video footage.

Tuesday, June 14

Motor Vehicle Accident/Assist to Colorado State Patrol: County Road 8 & County Road 21 – Assisted Colorado State Patrol on a traffic accident with extrication. Party was extricated and transported to the hospital. Colorado State Patrol took over the investigation.

Vehicle Trespass: Alpine Avenue – A female reported that an unknown suspect entered her vehicle overnight. Nothing was stolen and the neighbor caught the incident on camera. A video showed what appeared to be two juvenile males walking through the neighborhood, one had a blue hoodie and the other one had a white hoodie. Parents, where are your kids late at night?

Criminal Mischief: Rivergate Way – An excavator window and a bobcat window was reported to have been shot out by a BB gun, possibly over the weekend.

Assist to Child Protection Services: Mt Meeker Avenue – Child Protection Services obtained a warrant to search and remove a child from this address.

Wednesday, June 15

Second-Degree Assault/Disorderly Conduct/Motor Vehicle Accident: West County Road 14 – A suspect struck a victim in the face as he was parking near a unit, breaking his nose. The victim accelerated to get away, striking three unoccupied vehicles and causing severe damage. The suspect was not located at this time. The investigation is ongoing.

Neighbor Problem: 2nd Street – A male is having problems with his neighbor and is upset, stating that she put up signs that face his living room window. The signs say “Creeper Peeper” and”Stop watching me”. and he believes the signs are in reference to the security cameras he has on his residence. The male requested that LCSO write his neighbor a ticket. He was told that this situation does not rise to a criminal level.Thursday, June 16

Criminal Mischief: Mountain Avenue – A female had the back window of her SUV shattered and the tailgate damaged. No cameras in the area. It appears to be someone disgruntled by her parking job.

Follow-Up: West County Road 14 – The suspect from last night’s second-degree assault was identified and a warrant is forthcoming.

Driving Under the Influence/Careless Driving: 2nd Street – A male was called in after crashing his car into a parked vehicle. Upon contact, the male was visibly intoxicated. He refused voluntary sobriety roadside tests and was booked at the Larimer County Jail. Ossifer I only drunk 2 beers, da 1st one and da last one.

Suspicious Circumstances/Trespassing: Biscayne Court – A bank manager reported that he had assisted a citizen as part of his duties as the bank manager. The citizen then found the bank manager’s home address and showed up today to advise him that there was more fraud on his account. The citizen also contacted the bank manager at his second place of employment. The citizen was served with a trespass notice and advised not to contact the bank manager anymore. The bank is also investigating and activating security measures.

Harassment/Violation of a Protection Order/Obstruction of a Peace Officer: Mountain Avenue: An intoxicated adult male was arrested after he slapped a 14-year-old juvenile on the back of the head and then pulled away from deputies and resisted arrest. It was later found that the male was out on bond and the conditions required that he remained law-abiding and prohibited alcohol. The male was booked uncooperative at the Larimer County Jail.  Oops, I guess I should have read the small print about remaining law abiding and no alcohol, my bad.

Unattended Death 7th Street – A male found his deceased wife in her bed. She was a heavy drinker and smoker and had health issues. The coroner and investigations responded.

Friday, June 17

Driving Under the Influence: A male was driving southbound on 2nd Street under the influence of alcohol and drugs and crashed into a parked vehicle. He then refused to conduct roadside sobriety tests and was arrested for driving under the influence and booked into the Larimer County Jail. Officer I am not drunk, actually that parked car jumped right in front of me.

Saturday, June 18

Driving Under the Influence/No Headlights: Berthoud Parkway & County Road 14 – A male was contacted for no headlamps and weaving. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication. He was subsequently booked at the Larimer County Jail.  Beer and vicodin together, what could it hurt?

Sunday, June 19

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol: 2nd Street – A male was asked to complete roadside maneuvers, which he did not complete in a manner consistent with sobriety. He was then booked at the Larimer County Jail.  There must have been a sale on alcohol this weekend, 3 days, 3 DUI’s.

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