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June 01, 2018 | Local News

Monday, May 21

Burglary / theft: Mountain Avenue, two suspects entered a building that houses four businesses. Entry was made by prying through a side door that is not visible from any road or alley. All four businesses were entered and multiple items were stolen.

Vehicle crash / non-injury: 10th Street and Welch Avenue, a 17-year-old male was driving too fast and could not navigate the turn. After skidding 121 feet he struck a parked car. He initially fled the scene, but with multiple witnesses and people chasing him down he decided to return. Summons for careless.  

Child abuse: Woodcock Street, a 2-year-old child was found walking the streets of Heron Pointe. He was out on his own, walking barefoot for over an hour. His house was located with an open front door and the child ran right inside. The child’s mother was asleep on the couch and finally woke up after the fifth time the deputy yelled at her. She was aware her child could get out, and they had additional child-proof locks in the house they moved out of a year ago. Charges filed.

Vicious dog (dog bite): Massachusetts Avenue, a nurse from a hospital in Longmont reported a 17-year-old girl came into the ER this evening with her mother about a dog bite. The girl had two puncture wounds in her left forearm. Her wounds required being flushed, stitched and antibiotics.

Tuesday, May 22

Disturbance: E. Nebraska Avenue, a resident reported a neighbor was standing in the alley and took some photos of the inside of his garage. He said he calmly came outside and started a discussion with the neighbor, but the neighbor started yelling and screaming at him and got within a couple of inches of his face. The resident said his neighbor was yelling at him about running a business and then made the comment, well if you want to start a war I’ll start a war.  Sometimes no matter our age we never grow out of the terrible 2s.

Wednesday, May 23

Traffic complaint: Fifth Street, a complaint was made about a parent picking up her kids in a golf cart and the caller felt this was dangerous. The caller was advised electric golf carts are legal in the town of Berthoud. The only other stipulation is that a low-powered electric vehicle requires an orange safety triangle on the rear. Well that’s par for course.

Suspicious circumstances: Prairiestar Drive and Tallgrass Lane, a resident called to report a vehicle parked near his fence on Prairiestar. He has been sitting there since 3 p.m. and it is now 5:17 p.m.  The man was contacted in his vehicle and he stated he was just sleeping in his car. He is with a pest-control company trying to get new accounts in the new neighborhood. He got hot and was resting in his car with the AC on. A two-hour rest in the afternoon while working is exactly what I need.

Thursday, May 24

Disturbance: E. Colorado Avenue two men were involved in a disturbance with conflicting stories.

Vehicle crash / non-injury: First Street and the alley by E. Michigan Ave., a driver was exiting the alley when her vehicle was struck by a 12-year-old boy riding his bicycle. No damage to the car or bicycle and no injuries. Remember, school is out and kids will be out and about.

Disturbance: Second Street, a woman reported a friend who lives in Berthoud wanted to take their friendship to a new level and be a couple with her and she did not want that.

Moving violation: Berthoud Parkway and County Road (CR) 10E, a loose cow was standing on the side of the road and cars were swerving to get around it.  With some expert “yeehawing” the cow was eventually corralled.

Friday, May 25

Criminal trespass / criminal mischief / theft / fictitious license plates / possession of a weapon by a previous offender: Welch Avenue, a resident reported sometime overnight a suspect siphoned gasoline from her company work vehicles. Through surveillance footage a known 19-year-old was identified as a suspect. The vehicle used in the crime was seen driving in the area and contacted on a traffic stop for various violations. The driver of the vehicle confirmed the 19-year-old was the suspect in the theft. The vehicle had fictitious plates and no insurance and was towed. The driver also stated the 19-year-old man was carrying a pistol.

Vehicle crash / non-injury: First Street, a driver was traveling north on First Street and did not see a vehicle that was stopped because of another vehicle that was turning into Pioneer Gravel.

Harassment: E. Nebraska Avenue, a resident came into the town hall wanting to report a verbal disturbance he had with a neighbor. A witness came forward who saw the disturbance and filled out a written statement. The neighbor was issued a summons for harassment.

Driving after revocation prohibited / operated uninsured motor vehicle: Welch Avenue and Fourth Street, a 32-year-old Berthoud man was contacted on a REDDI (report every drunk driver immediately). The deputy could not detect the odor of any alcohol on his breath, and his eyes looked clear. The deputy asked him for his driver’s license, registration, and proof of insurance.  He handed the deputy a Colorado identification card and vehicle registration. He was asked if he had insurance on the vehicle. He stated he did not. A check on the man’s license revealed his driver’s status was revoked as a habitual traffic offender with 12 additional active restraints.  Vehicle was towed and the man was booked.

Saturday, May 26

Mental health hold: Chokeberry Street, a 21-year-old man was highly intoxicated and naked.  The man was transported to the hospital.

Loud party: Elmwood Street, a resident called in a loud party going on at this address with around 20 people in the backyard. Party was shutting down when deputies arrived.

Suspicious circumstances: Spartan and 10th Street, several calls came in that they thought they heard a gunshot. There was only one shot, but it sounded like that of a gun. Several deputies responded and the area was checked, but nothing, or anyone, was located.

Sunday, May 27

Suspicious circumstances: Spartan Avenue, a call came in reference to three or four juveniles on foot in this area and the caller thought they were intoxicated. The kids were contacted and were not intoxicated and were just hanging out talking. Kids actually talking face-to-face and not texting!? What is this world coming to?

Suspicious circumstances: Railroad tracks under Highway 287, a report came in reference a mound of dirt next to the railroad tracks with a wire sticking out of it. The Northern Colorado Bomb Squad responded and reported there was nothing explosive found in the dirt pile but the wire.

Suspicious circumstances: Berthoud Parkway and Welch Avenue, a report came in reference to a vehicle parked in the parking lot of Berthoud Commons with people inside just sitting. The car was located and a couple in their 60s were visiting from Nebraska and just enjoying the view of the mountains.

Disturbance: CR 15C, a resident is having issues with his roommate because he hasn’t paid his internet bill, so he disconnected everything. After mediation between the two, they will split the cost of the internet and modem.

Code enforcement:

Animal problems – 15

Vehicle problems – 2

Other ordinance problems – 12


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