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October 19, 2017 | Local News

Monday, Oct. 9

Vehicle crash / Hit & run: Highway 287 and Highway 56, an Estes Park man rear-ended a Texas man while he was stopped at a red light. That driver left the scene prior to law enforcement arrival and did not leave any contact information other than his name. The driver that got hit was able to get the other vehicle’s license plate number.

Tuesday, Oct. 10

Vehicle crash with injury: Mountain Avenue and Ninth Street, a driver pulled in front of another vehicle. The driver of that vehicle was transported to the hospital.

Wednesday, Oct. 11

Vehicle trespass / Theft / Criminal mischief: Nebraska Avenue, a resident reported unknown suspect(s) entered his unlocked vehicle and stole two $100 gift cards. They also broke the door handle on his vehicle.

Vehicle trespass: Iowa Avenue, a resident reported unknown suspect(s) entered her unlocked vehicle.

Suspicious circumstances: Fourth Street, several reports of a woman chasing a man yelling and screaming to call the cops. They were both contacted at the bus stop on Mountain. The woman stated that her boyfriend stole her bus pass and Broncos shorts. Ok, the bus pass is iffy but it crossed the line with the Bronco shorts!

Thursday, Oct. 12

Harassment: Franklin Avenue, a resident dumped a cup of urine on another resident over shared bathroom issues.

Suspicious circumstances: Welch Avenue, a resident wanted to report a post which her ex-son in law posted on his facebook page. The post stated he wanted her family to stay away from him our he would call LE, he also stated he would defend himself if needed until LE showed up.

Suspicious circumstances: First Street, a resident reported receiving a telephone message from “Legal Services” telling her to be home to be served for missing jury duty. This company also called several of her family members and left a call back number.

Suspicious circumstances: Longview, a resident called and reported a “domestic emergency” at his residence. Deputies determined the resident was upset because he let a female from Craig’s List move into his basement but she brought her cats and they have destroyed the basement.  Resident was told to go through the eviction process as she did pay him rent.

Fraud: Woodcock, a resident reported someone used their credit card number and made fraudulent purchases at the Loveland Walmart.

Friday the 13th

Harassment: Cheyenne Drive, a resident reported someone posted negative comments about them in reference to a missing dog.

Theft: Bunyan Avenue, a grandparent called to report that their 13-year-old grandson has been stealing from them. You just don’t steal from Meemaw!

 Felony warrant arrest: Mountain Avenue and Second Street, a 37-year old Loveland man was contacted as a passenger in a vehicle on a traffic stop and was found to have a felony warrant.

DUI: Bunyan Avenue and Sixth Street, a 40-year old Berthoud man was stopped for failing to yield right of way upon entering a roadway and a defective tail lamp. He was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Revoked license / Warrants x6 / Controlled substance: a 26-year old Lakewood woman was contacted for a traffic violation. She was found to have six warrants out for her arrest, her license is revoked and a loaded syringe with suspected methamphetamine.

Saturday, Oct. 14

Run away juvenile / Returned juvenile: Canyonlands Street, a 15-year old boy ran away from home after an argument. He was missing most of the day, but later that day the deputy located the boy walking by Berthoud High School, then returned him home.

Harassment: Franklin Avenue, a resident threw hot water on another person for no apparent reason. No injury sustained.

Family problems: Ruby Drive, a mother reported her adult daughter recently had court regarding a divorce from her husband and that he was inside the house. Upon contact with the man he denied that the court had issued any order and was argumentative even when he was shown the minute order prohibiting him from entering the property without written permission.

Suspicious circumstances: Victoria Street, a resident reported getting a strange phone call that when they answered all they heard was heavy breathing.

Family problems: Second Street, a resident reported while her ex-boyfriend was living with her, he brought her Xbox to a pawnshop in Longmont for a loan. This happened over a month ago. She was not concerned at the time but now that they have broken up she wants her Xbox back, but the loan has not been paid off.

In case you missed it, we had severe wind that caused damage to many trees in Berthoud and the surrounding area.

Sunday, Oct. 15

Recovered stolen vehicle out of Loveland: Second Street and Turner Avenue, a Loveland man’s stolen 2001 Dodge was located at this intersection. The vehicle was also displaying stolen license plates from the New Freedom Church in Berthoud.

Trespass / Felony warrant arrest: Second Street, while a deputy was handling the stolen vehicle recovery a call came in from the owner of Berthoud Mini Storage about a male illegally living out of unit 45. This male was contacted and identified as a 31-year old homeless man, who also had a felony warrant out of Weld County Sheriff’s Office.

Theft: Mountain Avenue, a deputy contacted the New Freedom Church about the located plates on the recovered stolen vehicle.

Suspicious vehicle: Glacier Avenue, a resident called in a suspicious vehicle and possible burglary. After some follow up, it was determined that the suspicious person was a contractor looking at a foundation for a new home.

Code Enforcement: Animal Problems – 12,  Parking Problems – 8, Other Ordinance Problems – 6

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