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August 31, 2017 | Local News

Monday, Aug. 21    

Trespass: Cuda Court, a builder reported an elderly man keeps walking over and walks into the house under construction. The builder has asked him to not come over but he continues to do so.

Juvenile problem: Fickle Park, a high-school-aged boy was trying to get a group of girls to drink beer with him.

The world stopped: For a short time everyone came together today to watch the solar eclipse and in the land there was peace.

Tuesday, Aug. 22

Vehicle crash: 4400 block of Weld County Road (CR) 44, two drivers traveling in opposite directions hit mirrors as they passed each other.

Citizen assist: Highway 287, mile marker 328, an elderly man stated he was lost and looking for Lazy Day’s RV in Loveland. He knew he was near Loveland, but was not familiar with the area. The man was parked on the side of the road waiting for help.

Wednesday, Aug. 23

Suspicious circumstances: Cedar Drive, parole requested a deputy to respond to this address and investigate a suspicious odor coming from the house and check on the resident. Nothing suspicious found.

Vehicle crash: Second Street, a female driver backed into another vehicle. The woman had to get to class so she left. She made it to class on time but got an “F” for her driving.

Thursday, Aug. 24

Theft: Franklin Avenue, both license plates were stolen off a resident’s vehicle.

Suspicious circumstances: Fourth Street, a resident received a call from a “James Brown,” who told her he was going to sue her for a payday loan. Brown hung up on her and the deputy multiple times while they were attempting to figure out why he was calling her. The resident has never had a payday loan.

Vehicle damage: Mountain Avenue, a resident reported someone hit her mirror causing damage on her car while she was at work.

Friday, Aug. 25

Protection order violation / revoked license / speeding: Ninth Street and Mountain Avenue, a 45-year-old Greeley man was contacted for speeding 40 mph in a 20 mph school zone. His driver’s license was revoked; he was also restrained from his passenger. If you know your license is revoked why draw the attention from law enforcement by speeding? Here’s your sign.

Vehicle theft: Second Street, a resident reported her Ford Focus was stolen.

Saturday, Aug. 26

Recovered stolen vehicle: Second Street, the vehicle reported stolen yesterday was located in front of this residence.

Vehicle theft: Second Street, a resident reported her Subaru was stolen sometime overnight. Most likely related to the above case.

Enticement: Alpine Avenue, a 9-year-old girl was enticed online to send inappropriate photos to an unknown person.

Vehicle crash / hit and run: A&W, a Ford Excursion struck the electronic ordering machine and left the scene.

Speeding / suspended license: First Street and Turner Avenue, a 29-year-old Erie man was stopped for speeding and was found to be suspended.

Burglary: Woodcock Street, a resident received a call from the property manager that his door was wide open at his apartment. The property manager entered the apartment and the apartment appeared to have been rummaged through. The manager took photos and the resident was able to determine some items were missing.

Sunday, Aug. 27

Criminal mischief: Pyramid Peak Street, a resident reported someone capped a drainage pipe at his home. The pipe is a sump drain and due to being plugged with shop towels and capped the basement had issues with back flow water.

Recovered stolen vehicle: Mayo Court, the stolen Subaru from an earlier case was recovered near this address.

Code enforcement:

Animal problems – 10

Parking problems – 15

Other ordinance problems – 20

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