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May 29, 2020 | Local News

Monday, May 18

Suspicious Circumstances / Mental Health: East Nebraska, a 41-year-old Berthoud woman believed her mother and father-in-law were kicking her and abusing her. She went to the neighbors and asked them to call the police. When deputies arrived on scene, the woman appeared to not be an accurate historian reporting that she was 189-years-old and presented timelines that were impossible to follow. She was unwilling to return home and appeared unable to care for herself outside of her parent’s assistance. The woman then pulled up her shirt exposing herself and ran down the street. She was taken to the hospital and was placed on a 72-hour hold.

Family Problems: Second Street, a resident reported her sister is out of control and said they need someone to pick her up. The sister is being violent, and their mom needs medical attention because she fell trying to hold her daughter down. Sister was transported to the hospital for evaluation and 72-hour hold.

Assist to Medical: Urban Place, a 16-year-old male fell off his skateboard and was acting strange and uncooperative with family members. Ambulance is requesting that LCSO respond also. Transported by ambulance to the hospital.

Tuesday, May 19

Vehicle Crash with Injury:  I-25 Frontage Road, a truck with a trailer was making a left turn when another vehicle driven by a 57-year-old Mead woman, was attempting to pass on the left. This did not fare well as she crashed into the trailer causing severe damage to her vehicle and injuring her back. To add insult to injury she was cited for unsafe passing.

Suspicious Circumstances: River Glenn Way, a female sounded intoxicated and could barely give dispatch her address. She told the dispatcher she needed to find a rock and when she was asked if she needed police, fire or medical she responded, “all of them.” The woman is saying she needs help digging up a rock for her friend Joe because they need to find something for Joe. She is saying everyone is safe and that joe is married to the rock and that she is in danger because she can’t find her voice. The woman did say that she did smoke a little marijuana. A little she says, me thinks “a little” means “a lot”!

Early morning Traffic Stop:  Mountain Avenue and Berthoud Parkway, a vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation but was let go immediately when they told the deputy their father was in hospice care and they were just contacted stating he was passing. Sometimes you get hit right in the heart.

Wednesday, May 20

Trespass Notice/Mental Health:  First Street, a 52-year-old Berthoud woman was called in for acting suspiciously. Determined to be a continuation of calls made at this address in the past couple of days.  The woman was issued a trespass notice for this address. 

Fraud:  Woodcock Street, a resident reported she was notified that accounts were opened for AT&T and Sprint in her name. It was discovered that whoever opened the accounts had all of her personal information.

Fraud:  Mount Meeker Avenue, a resident reported he hired a contractor to do a fence and sprinkler work. He paid the man over $1,700 as a down payment back in March. The man never started work and has not returned any phone calls.

Traffic / Minor in Possession:  U.S. Highway 287 and County Road 6, a vehicle stopped for 85 in a 65. Deputy smelled an odor of marijuana in the vehicle. The juvenile driver was upfront and honest and provided the deputy with a small amount of marijuana, but she had no signs of impairment. Deputy contacted the parents and informed them of the marijuana. She was cited for speed and had to dump her marijuana out on the roadside. The odor was that of marijuana or a skunk (they smell the same). Sure glad it was not the skunk.

Thursday, May 21

Vehicle Crash:  First Street and East Nebraska, a construction truck driver turned onto East Nebraska and saw the “No Construction Traffic” sign. He was attempting to back up onto First Street from East Nebraska and struck another vehicle with the I-beam he was hauling. Truck driver summonsed for unsafe backing. Truck driver said the other vehicle was speeding even though he didn’t see him while he backed a huge I-beam into the other vehicle.

Fraud by Check / Identity Theft / Possession of a Financial Device / 2nd Degree Burglary: First Street, staff called for us to give items back to an ex-employee that she left at the business. Upon an inventory of the items inside her purse, a photocopy of a driver’s license and Social Security card for another employee was found. Also found was a receipt for a check written out to the other employee from the business but it was cashed into the former employee’s account. I don’t think that counts as severance pay.

Friday, May 22

Warrant Arrest:  Yellowstone Road and U.S. Highway 287, Boulder Sheriff contacted a 36-year-old Berthoud woman during a vehicle crash investigation. The woman was taken into custody for her warrants out of LCSO and booked. 

Violation of a Protection Order / Violation of Bond Conditions: Second Street, a 41-year-old Berthoud man was under the influence of alcohol, violating his Protection Order and Bond Conditions to have no alcohol. Booked.

Saturday, May 23

Vehicle Crash:  County Road 8 and U.S. Highway 287, a 48-year-old Northglenn man rear-ended another vehicle driven by a 70-year-old Broomfield man at this intersection. The first driver was issued a summons for following too closely. 

Violation of Protection Order: First Street, a 33-year-old Platteville man violated a protection order by contacting a Loveland man by phone. The man’s car was parked near the home, but he was not found on the property, but it is suspected he was in another house with a friend, but he jumped out a window before Deputies arrived. The hunt is on.

Traffic / Revoked License / Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO):  Mountain Avenue and First Street, a 36-year-old Denver man was stopped for passing a vehicle on the shoulder. He was found to be Revoked HTO with 28 active restraints. Issued a summons.  Why drive stupid when you know you are breaking the law?

Obstruction of Telephone Service / Theft / Domestic Violence: Woodcock Street, a man took his girlfriend’s iPad and ripped her phone from her hands while trying to call 911 after an argument. The man was not located, and an arrest warrant was applied for. 

Sunday, May 24

Vehicle Crash with Injury / Violation of Protection Order: U.S. Highway 287 and Berthoud Parkway, deputies investigated a two-vehicle crash with four people transported to the hospital. A 38-year-old Longmont man was in violation of a restraining order with a woman he is restrained from. He was booked and pending charges from the accident investigation.

Assist Medical / Overdose: Second Street, a 27-year-old man overdosed on heroin. Administered Narcan by medical and became physically uncooperative. Transported to the hospital. Saved his life and he wants to fight. I just shake my head.

Traffic / Violation of a Protection Order / Possession of Weapon Previous Offender / Possession of Defaced Firearm:  East Highway 56, during a traffic stop it was discovered that a 36-year old Ft. Collins man was in possession of a firearm during a vehicle contact. Charged and Booked into the Weld County Jail. He could have used that gun on us. This is why we carry guns too.

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